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Magnets and Magnetism for Kids

Magnets for kids: fun, educational magnetic kits to teach magnetism to students.

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Attract kids to science with magnets & magnetism activities. Find a free printable for pre-K-2nd graders, discover types of magnets, and perform two magnetism science projects.

With magnets for kids, there is so much to discover!

Teach students the science of magnetic attraction with fun hands-on products! Get magnetism supplies for experiments with magnetic poles and fields, and different types of magnets. Kids can learn about temporary and permanent magnets. They can explore the intersection of electricity and magnetism with electromagnets. Teach them how a compass reads the magnetic pole of the Earth to orient itself. They can even experiment with magnetic levitation and so much more with each magnet set!

Find individual magnets for kids and complete experiment kits complete with study guides. Find science fair project kits from Science Buddies and introductory kits for ages 4 and up.

One amazed customer had this to say about the neodymium disc magnets:

"Excellent strength for their size. With one watch battery sized magnet, I was able to pick up a 2′ long crowbar." —Jeremy

Shop for magnets ranging from super-strong neodymium rare earth magnets to magnetic marbles. Ideal for magnetism experiments or just letting your kids discover on their own. Find iron filings; bar, ring, and horseshoe magnets; books on magnetism; magnet activity kits, and more. The Magic Penny Magnet Kit or Magnetic Levitation Kit make great gifts!