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Advanced Bristlebots Robotics Kit

Ideal for Grades 6+
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Take the next step in building bristlebots! Build a light-tracking or solar-powered toothbrush robot. Brushes & googly eyes are not included in this kit. Use the fun design ideas shown to inspire your own creations! Read More

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Move beyond basic brushbots and bristlebots with our Advanced version!

Perfect for older kids building their first robot (or younger kids who have already mastered the trio of simple robots possible with our Bristlebot Kit), the Advanced Bristlebot Kit takes kids to the next level of robot building as they explore either a solar-powered robot or the use of sensors to control robot behavior. Moving along on twin toothbrush heads (not included) the advanced bristlebots built from this kit are fun enough to be a toy, yet, with the test conditions laid out in the project instructions, ideal for a good robotics engineering science project.

The Advanced Bristlebot Kit contains all the electronics parts needed to create either a light-tracking bristlebot or a solar-powered bristlebot—your choice! The parts are reusable, allowing you to build one type of robot, play with it as long as you like, and then recycle the parts to build the other.

To make building these advanced bristlebots easier, we've pre-attached tinned leads, eliminating the need to solder or struggle to push flimsy wires into breadboard holes. We've also color-coded the jumper cables to match the step-by-step diagrams, photos, and instructions for each advanced bristlebot, enabling older kids with no previous electronics experience to build these robots with confidence.

Instructions for this kit are available online, see below for links to the instructions and more.

Please note: The brushes & googly eyes pictured above are not included in this kit. Use the fun design ideas shown to inspire your own creations!

Additional items needed: Depending on the bristlebot being built, toothbrush heads, double-sided foam tape, scissors or wire cutters, and a flashlight are needed.

Please consult the instructions for each bristlebot for a complete list of additional materials.


Instructions are NOT included with the kit, but are available online from Science Buddies.


If you have questions about your robots please see the following troubleshooting tips from Science Buddies:


Each Advanced Bristlebot Kit contains:

  • 1 Mini breadboard
  • 2 3V vibrating motors with leads
  • 1 2xAAA battery holder with leads
  • 4 AAA batteries
  • 2 1.2V mini solar cells with leads
  • 1 Toggle switch
  • 2 10 kΩ potentiometers
  • 2 N-channel MOSFETs
  • 2 Photoresistors
  • 10 Jumper wires, assorted colors and sizes


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