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Bacteria Growing Kit

Ages 10+
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Growing bacteria is easier than you think. Learning about it is even easier with our bacteria growing kit. Use this kit to explore, experiment, and learn which surfaces in your home & on your body might make you say EWW! Read More

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Growing bacteria at home is actually pretty simple. This bacteria growing kit makes the process even more simple and educational. With adult supervision, kids in grade 3 and up can experiment with bacteria found in the air, on household surfaces, and even on their own hands! Buy everything you need for less, including a manual explaining how to grow bacteria in a petri dish. Perfect to use for a science fair project!

You might be wondering:

Aren’t bacteria too tiny to see?

Well, usually yes.

But with this bacteria growing kit, you can culture a microbe colony that’s large enough to see without a microscope. Kit includes prepared agar, Petri dishes, bacteria growing guide, and more.

Here’s how:

  1. Heat the nutrient agar in the microwave, pour into Petri dishes, and let cool.
  2. Use a sterile swab to gather a bacteria sample and transfer it to the petri dish by drawing a zig-zag on the surface of the agar.
  3. Replace the lid, tape it shut, and leave the petri dish undisturbed, checking for bacteria growth daily.

This bacteria growing kit includes enough prepared nutrient agar for 20 Petri dishes. Along with 20 sterile cotton swabs & culture plates, antibacterial iodine solution, a step-by-step experiment guide, and more, kids can also test the anti-bacterial effects of common household cleaners. This kit has plenty of supplies for a small classroom or for students working in groups. 

Success tips:

  • Bacterial growth is best at 85-90 degrees. Consider setting cultured Petri dishes under a task lamp.
  • Although you’ll see bacteria growing sooner (and possibly mold & yeast!), allow 7 days from start to finish for your experiment or science fair project.
  • Label the bottom of your cultured petri dish with the date and location of the bacteria sample.
  • For safety, tape Petri dishes closed once they’ve been exposed to bacteria.

Here’s the deal: 

Although fun and interesting, simply growing bacteria isn’t a good science fair topic. But what is?

Good science fair projects answer a question. 

Design a project using the Scientific Method. The experiments in the included bacteria growing kit manual are easily adaptable for a science fair, but here are a few more to consider. 

Bacteria Growing Science Fair Project Ideas:

  • How effective are different types of household cleaners against bacteria in the kitchen or bathroom? Try different brands.
  • Do some natural substances (like garlic and tea tree oil) have antibacterial effects?
  • Which household surface contains the most germs (bacteria)? Swab the kitchen sink, remote control, door knobs, etc.
  • Are dogs’ mouths really cleaner than humans’?

Growing bacteria experiments are unforgettable, and our kit makes it easy. Consider using this top-rated, best-selling kit for:

  • A Science Saturday activity
  • STEM summer camp
  • Teaching your family about handwashing
  • A science fair project
  • Picking the best household cleaners & disinfectants
  • An introduction to microbiology

Note: To keep costs low for you and encourage recycling, this kit comes packaged in a shippable, environmentally-friendly cardboard box. 


More Information


Bacteria Experiment Kit

  • 20 Plastic Petri Dishes
  • 2 Bottles of Nutrient Agar, 125 ml each
  • Iodine Solution, 30 ml (an antibacterial)
  • 20 Sterile Swab Applicators (in packs of 2)
  • Blotter Paper, 4"x6"
  • 4 Disposable Bags, 6"x12", 1.5 ml
  • Bacteria Experiment Kit Instructions

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