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Berean Builders Science in the Atomic Age Textbook & Key

Ages 11+
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Get the hardcover textbook & softcover answer key for Berean Builders Science in the Atomic Age course. This course covers a wide range of topics, including atoms, cells, organ systems, fascinating new discoveries & more! Read More

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Get the hardcover textbook and the softcover answer key for Berean Builders Science in the Atomic Age course.

This laboratory-based, middle school science course by Berean Builders covers a wide range of topics that are of interest to modern scientists.

The hardcover Science in the Atomic Age textbook starts by describing:

  • our current understanding of atoms,
  • molecules,
  • the chemicals that are necessary for life,
  • DNA,
  • and cells

These topics are all discussed in the context of history, explaining how specific scientific advances led to the scientific explanations that the students are being taught. This allows students to learn not only the current scientific understanding of these topics, but also how scientists reached that understanding.

The course then uses what the student has learned to describe the living world. It discusses the levels of organization found in creation and spends time discussing topics at each level. As a result, students learn:

  • how cells work together to make tissues,
  • how tissues come together to make organs,
  • how organs form organ systems,
  • how those organ systems produce organisms,
  • and how those organisms relate to one another in populations and communities.

The student then learns how those communities interact with the physical environment to form ecosystems, which then form biomes. Along the way, students learn about fascinating new discoveries such as the function of the human appendix, the human microbiome, and soft tissue found in dinosaur fossils.

Throughout this Berean Builders Science in the Atomic Age course, God’s design in nature is highlighted, and topics in the creation/evolution debate are discussed.

Please note: This item includes the Science in the Atomic Age Answer Key & Tests manual. The Answer Key and Science in the Atomic Age Textbook are available separately as well.





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