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Bullfrog Tadpoles - Live

Ages 8+
Ready to Ship (Drop Shipped)

Bullfrog tadpoles let your students discover metamorphosis up-close! Raising bullfrog tadpoles into adult frogs is unforgettable for kids and adults alike. Get 6 live tadpoles & care instructions. You supply food & habitat. Read More

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Get six bullfrog tadpoles and watch metamorphosis on a grand scale! When shipped, these live tadpoles measure up to 2" long. They'll develop into adult frogs with a 4-6" body length (not including legs). Instructions for care are included with each shipment. Keep your bullfrog tadpoles in a 2 gallon aquarium and feed them tadpole food to help them grow. 

Development Time: Metamorphosis of bullfrog tadpoles to young frogs is slow and can take 4-12 months for complete resorption of tail, etc. (To see the stages of frog metamorphosis in a shorter amount of time, you can order the Frog Kit or Grow a Frog Kit.) Factors such as tadpole age upon arrival and water temperature, food, and other habitat conditions can affect their growth rate.

However, bullfrog tadpoles are a great choice if you have the time; their large size makes them easy to observe and they can be fun to watch swim, eat, and dive.

Please note: This item is a living being. We hope your tadpole/frog lives a long, happy life! But there is always a chance its lifespan will end prematurely. Before you buy, consider the possibility of disappointment about the tadpole's/frog's lifespan. Guarantees for lifespan and/or replacements are vendor-specific and noted in each product. PLEASE DO NOT RELEASE FROGS INTO THE WILD. If you are no longer able to care for your frog, we recommend rehoming the frog or contacting PHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine at 866-524-5421 or [email protected]



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Shipping Restriction: Bullfrog tadpoles only ship to a street address in the lower 48 US states, excluding ID, MT, NV, UT, VA, & WA. Specify a delivery date Wednesday through Friday, at least seven days after today. An extra $24 shipping charge applies to each item.
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