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Distillation Apparatus Kit

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Get started with scientific distilling work in the lab with this distillation apparatus kit, full of high-quality glassware. Read More

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With this distillation apparatus kit, get started with simple scientific distilling in the lab. The quality borosilicate glassware in this set includes a 300 mm sealed Liebig condenser, 50 mm diameter Kjeldahl distillation ball, 500 ml flat-bottomed boiling flask and 500 ml Erlenmeyer flask. Other distillation apparatus in this kit includes a 4"x 6" support stand, adjustable clamp, tripod burner stand, wire gauze with ceramic center, and rubber stoppers. Assembly instructions and experiment ideas are also included.

Two key components for a good setup of distillation apparatus are a Kjeldahl bulb and a condenser (both included in this kit). The Kjeldahl "ball" improves distillation efficiency by preventing carryover of liquid from the boiling flask into the condenser. The Liebig-style condenser provides effective gas condensation through the straight inner tube surrounded by a large outer tube to circulate cooling water.

You provide a heat source of choice (hot plate, alcohol burner or lab burner) and rubber tubing for water supply to the condenser. We also have a special condenser accessory kit with everything you need to connect the condenser to a standard faucet.

Note: The adjustable burner stand in the photo is no longer available. A tripod burner stand is now included instead.




Distillation Apparatus Kit

  • 50 mm Kjeldahl bulb with stoppers
  • 300 mm Liebig condenser
  • Alcohol burner stand and tripod stand
  • 500 ml Florence flask
  • 500 ml Erlenmeyer flask
  • Support stand, 4" x 6" base
  • Adjustable clamp
  • Tripod burner stand
  • Wire gauze
  • Distillation instructions


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