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Focus On High School Chemistry Lab Workbook

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Grades 9-12
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The Focus On High School Chemistry Lab Workbook includes 10 hands-on experiments. Experiment with low sodium, mixtures, acids & bases, neutralization reactions, DNA extraction, building molecules, and more! 70 pages. Read More

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With the Focus On High School Chemistry Lab Workbook from Real Science 4 Teens, students in grades 9-12 will experiment with low sodium, building molecules, mass, acids & bases, mixtures, neutralization reactions, DNA extraction, and more!

This 70-page softcover High School Chemistry Laboratory Workbook includes 10 hands-on experiments that incorporate the Chemistry concepts found in the Student Textbook. Students will explore concepts such as matter, mass & moles, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, acids, bases & pH, acid-base reactions, mixtures, separating mixtures, the chemistry of carbon, polymers, and biological polymers. These engaging experiments are teacher-directed and use mostly household items.

With this lab book, your kids will learn how to use the scientific method to solve real-life science problems. They won't just do experiments - they get to design them! As they do, they'll learn to think like scientists, figuring out how to test their hypotheses. Outline questions are given to direct the process for the 10 experiments.

Use the experiments and prompts in this High School Chemistry Workbook alongside the instructional material and lessons in the Student Textbook and the instructional guide in the Teacher's Manual.

Simplify your life by purchasing the Focus On High School Chemistry Set. Set your student (and yourself) up for success when you receive the Student Textbook, Teacher's Manual, and Lab Workbook all in one.

Oh! You can also get 12 of the harder-to-find items for the experiments in this lab workbook with the Lab Kit for Focus On High School Chemistry. Includes test tubes, a copper wire, a 9-volt battery, a graduated cylinder, sodium tetraborate & more!

Note: Real Science For Kids Level 2 has a new name and a new look! While you'll enjoy the same easy-to-teach and fun-to-learn curriculum as before, now it's called Focus On High School and is intended for grades 9-12.

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  • Take a peek at this workbook's sample pages in this preview booklet before you buy! (you will find them more than half way through the booklet)


The 10 Experiments in the Focus On High School Chemistry Workbook are:

  • Low Sodium
  • Building Molecules
  • Mass Matters
  • Acids and Bases
  • Neutralization Reactions
  • To Mix or Not to Mix
  • Pigments in Plants
  • Testing Food for Carbohydrates and Lipids
  • Cross-Linking Polymers
  • Which Has More DNA? An Onion or an Egg?


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