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Glo Germ Powder Kit

Ages 10+
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This unique Glo Germ Powder experiment kit is a memorable, hands-on way to demonstrate how germs spread. Use it to show your kids just how important it is to keep surfaces clean! Read More

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This unique Glo Germ™ Powder experiment kit is a memorable way to show how germs spread and how important it is to keep surfaces clean! It can be easily adapted for a great science fair project.

This experiment kit comes with a 4-oz. bottle of Glo Germ™ powder, which simulates the behavior of real germs when you sprinkle it on a countertop, fresh fruits and vegetables, or the outside of other objects (such as door knobs or microwave handles). Using the included UV black light, these "germs" will glow and show kids how clean or dirty something is as well as how easy it is to spread germs from one surface to another. Comes with directions for completing three experiments. Batteries included. The 4 ounce bottle is sufficient for hundreds of demonstrations.

This kit now includes an improved, brighter UV black light. The 9-bulb LED black light is bright enough to see the GloGerm™ residue from a distance of over five feet. It has a convenient push-button on/off switch that is easy to use.

Science Fair Project Ideas:

  • Test different soaps and cleaners by washing a counter or other smooth surface after sprinkling powder over it. Can you still see the "germs" when you turn on the black light?
  • Sprinkle the powder on fresh fruits and vegetables, then wash them, and test with the black light.  Does using soap, a rag, or a scrub brush remove more powder?
  • What temperature of water is most effective at removing the powder from vegetables or a countertop?





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