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Intro to Medical Examination Kit

Ages 11+

Future healthcare professionals will love the Intro to Medical Examination Kit. Students get a glimpse at a day in the life of a doctor as they learn about and practice a basic medical exam. Real functioning medical tools give kids authentic results. Read More

Coming in 2020!

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Is there a future doctor in the house? With the Intro to Medical Examination Kit, kids will learn about the tests physicians perform during medical exams, how to do them, and what they reveal. It's the perfect kit for children who've ever said they want to be a doctor when they grow up. 

At one time or another, most kids are either fascinated or terrified by trips to the doctor's office. And this kit is awesome for both! Harness their intrigue and channel it into an educational opportunity. Or overcome their fear by teaching them what doctors do and why. 

Medical exams go by many names. Some people also call them check-ups, clinical exams, physical exams, annual exams, or physicals and annuals for short. But no matter what you call them, they're a staple for medical professionals. The Intro to Medical Examination Kit gives kids tools and step-by-step instructions on how to examine patients.

In addition to sanitation practices, students learn how to conduct eight routine clinical tests:

  • check vital signs, measuring:
    • temperature
    • blood pressure
    • heart rate
    • respiration rate
  • auscultate the lungs
  • auscultate the heart
  • evaluate the throat
  • evaluate the pupils

As kids perform their medical exams, they can keep their patients' records in the included medical charts. Ideas for extra activities help strengthen their understanding of the human body and overall health and wellness.




Intro to Medical Examination Kit

  • Blood Pressure Monitor Kit:
    • self-adjusting cuff
    • pressure gauge
    • stethoscope
    • storage case
  • Digital body temperature thermometer
  • Medical exam charts
  • Penlight
  • Sterile tongue depressors, 5-pack
  • Full-color HST instruction manual

You supply rubbing alcohol, cotton balls & swabs, and a clock with second hand or stopwatch.


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