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Mixed Crustacean Dry Eggs

Ages 8+
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Hatch your own culture of live crustaceans by adding spring water to the dormant eggs in this kit. Read More

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Just add spring water to the dormant eggs in this kit and grow your own live culture of mixed crustacean including Daphnia, Triops, and fairy shrimp! 

Daphnia have compound eyes, a second antennae, and a pair of abdominal setae. They have a transparent body and make excellent subjects under a microscope to observe a heart beating. They can also be used to feed hydra. 

Triops have a large shielded "head", thorax covered with an oval shield-shaped shell and a small third median eye, and a narrower, forked tail.

Fairy Shrimp have 10 pairs of leg-like appendages called phyllopods used for swimming. They swim slowly and belly-side up.




  • Bag of mixed crustacean eggs and food
  • Pipet
  • Instructions for growing cultures
Does not include the container for growing the culture. Select a clean, thoroughly rinsed, glass or plastic container or purchase this Medium Critter Habitat/Aquarium from Home Science Tools. 


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