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    pyrex erlenmeyer flask 1000ml
  • stephen salvidio
  • 03/25/2014
  • Nice. Everything as expected, these Pyrex are excellent for also storing your favorite beverages in as easy pour bottle. should i say vewry easy to clean too.

    reward points

    Pyrex Erlenmeyer Flasks, all sizes

    Ages 8+

    Item# WO-FLASPYR

    In Stock

    Product Overview
    Pyrex® flasks from Corning can be heated directly in an open flame.

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    • Product Details

      Pyrex Erlenmeyer Flasks, all sizes

      Pyrex® Erlenmeyer flasks are the science industry standard! Get the right size for your needs, ranging from 50 ml to 2000 ml.

      These Pyrex® flasks from Corning can be heated directly in an open flame. Low coefficient of thermal expansion means this thick-walled glass withstands typical laboratory temperature variations. Use for mixing and heating. Included graduations (lines) are approximate and not intended for accurate liquid measurement.

      Flask Specifications:

      Capacity Base Diameter Height Marked to Fill
      25 ml flask 4.1 cm 6.1 cm 10-25 ml x 5 ml
      50 ml flask 5.1 cm 7.8 cm 20-50 ml x 10 ml
      125 ml flask 6.7 cm 11.4 cm 50-125 ml x 25 ml
      250 ml flask 8.2 cm 13.2 cm 50-200 ml x 25 ml
      500 ml flask 10.1 cm 17.6 cm 100-500 ml x 50 ml
      1000 ml flask 12.9 cm 21.6 cm 250-1000 ml x 50 ml
      2000 ml flask 16 cm 26.8 cm 600-1800 ml x 200 ml
      4000 ml flask 20.6 cm 36.0 cm 1000-4000 ml x 500 ml
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