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    Simple to use
  • Science
  • 11/14/2016
  • We use this in a lot of different locations, and it's much easier to transport this powder than to boil cabbage or transport the liquid to the locations.
    phenol red substitute
  • Melody
  • 01/03/2013
  • We used 15 ml of Jiffy Juice in place of phenol red in the LEGO atoms and Molecules: Chemical Reactions produced by Vandiver and MIT. We got a change from purple to blue greens with the baking soda and a change from purple to pink with the chemical reaction from baking soda and CaCl2. Jiffy Juice let my kids instantly see that a chemical change was happening.
    Exactly what I wanted
  • Gwen Wood
  • 11/04/2012
  • Worked great for color changing volcanoes. When added dry it doesn't look like the color will be dark enough, but when water is added the color is intense! The tiny scoop included with this product is the perfect size.

    reward points

    Red Cabbage Indicator Jiffy Juice Kit

    Ages 9+

    Item# KT-JIFFYJU

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    Product Overview
    This indicator contains concentrated red cabbage juice to test the levels of pH in things around your house, like laundry detergent and soda pop.

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    • Product Details

      Red Cabbage Indicator Jiffy Juice Kit

      This juice contains concentrated red cabbage to test the levels of pH in things around your house, like laundry detergent and soda pop.

      The red cabbage indicator solution can be used over and over again, providing hands-on learning about acids and bases. A pH chart is included, as well as instructions that explain acid and base, pH level, and anthocyanin contained in red cabbage. You will need a few household items: small cups or containers and items to test (baking soda, laundry detergent, vinegar, soda pop). Just mix up the instant powder with water to make the Jiffy Juice.

      Science Fair Project Ideas:

      • Test levels of pH in different kinds of soap and detergent. Based on this, which one would be most effective at getting rid of dirt and/or stains?
      • Make different concentrations of jiffy juice to see which works the best. You could even try making your own pH test from red cabbage, and compare the results to the concentrated juice in this kit.
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