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    Berean Builders Science Curriculum and Kits

    If you’re teaching multiple kids in elementary grades, this could be the perfect science program for you! Written by Dr. Jay Wile (author of the popular Apologia curriculum), Berean Builders is designed to give homeschool families the flexibility to use just one science course with children of different ages, saving you lots of teaching and prep time.

    The four books in the elementary series are based around historical time periods — from the Earth’s beginnings to the 1800s — and each covers a variety of science topics rather than focusing on just one (like astronomy). There is a focus on great scientists who were also Christians. Each lesson is based around a hands-on experiment, but the difficulty level of the scientific concepts can easily be varied since there are three different levels of review questions to end the lesson. If you like this style, you’ll also want to check out the Berean Builders chemistry curriculum for older students.

    Use the “days of creation” for teaching younger kids about light, water, air, plants, the solar system & more! By Dr. Jay Wile. K-6.
    Based on natural philosophers from 600 BC - 1500s, explore medicine, anatomy, sound, motion & more. By Dr. Jay Wile. K-6.
    Science comes alive through history! Covers the 1500s-1600s and topics like astronomy, microbiology & motion. By Dr. Wile. K-6.
    Scientists of the 1600-1800s are the foundation for this course, covering weather, geology, electricity, zoology & more. By Dr. Wile. K-6.
    Provide a solid chemistry education! Dr. Jay Wile wrote this to be more student-friendly than Apologia, with better hands-on labs.

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