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Image of Bright Thinker Grade 1 Lab Kit contents: balloon, brads, flashlight, insect lore butterfly garden
Image of Bright Thinker Kindergarten Lab Kit contents: flashlight, foam ball, fulcrum, gloves, shaving cream
Lab Kit for BrightThinker High School Biology
Lab Kit for BrightThinker High School Integrated Physics and Chemistry
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BrightThinker and HST: Curriculum Lab Kits 

Home Science Tools is proud to present BrightThinker science curriculum kits for grades K-12! Each kit has been carefully crafted to include the harder-to-find materials needed to complete the labs, activities, and investigations included in the BrightThinker curriculum. Our custom designed BrightThinker science lab kits help students develop a better understanding of the course material by getting hands-on with the experiments. 

BrightThinker is a modern curriculum provider offering dynamic, media-rich eCurriculum and print materials. In partnership with Home Science Tools, BrightThinker is able to elevate the science education experience of their eCurriculum and make it hands-on. 

Supporting All Learners

BrightThinker's eCurriculum isn't just for at-home learning. It's a great way to engage students in a traditional classroom setting as well. Schools and organizations, click here for help or a quote to order your BrightThinker science curriculum-aligned lab kits for grades K-12.

Take a look at the comprehensive BrightThinker course catalog to discover the right path for your learner.

BrightThinker® is an independently owned company that provides a full K-12 curriculum. BrightThinker® is not owned or operated by Home Science Tools or associated entities.