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    Biology and Nature Kits

    Find amazing kits to explore the science of life!

    Get an educational science kit to raise your own butterflies or tadpoles, or one that covers a topic like pond and water environment tests, insect collecting, labs on the human body and DNA, bacteria experiments, plant growth, microscope projects, and much more.

    For more hands-on biology fun, see our life science projects.

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    1. MSRP $79.00
      $69.95 You save 11% in_stock
      Have you or your child dreamed of becoming a surgeon and learning how to suture wounds. more

    2. MSRP $39.99
      $35.95 You save 10% in_stock

      This living ecosystem ant farm features a nutrient gel exclusively derived from NASA space experiments, making it virtually maintenance-free. The three-step set-up process is simple: make gel, grow plants, and watch ants burrow!


    3. $19.95 in_stock

    4. $36.95 in_stock
      This chick egg incubator comes complete with four fertilized quail eggs that will hatch in 17-23 days. more

    5. $22.50 in_stock
      This Butterfly Garden habitat kit lets you observe Painted Lady caterpillars for about three weeks as they mature, change into chrysalises, and finally, emerge as beautiful butterflies. Coupon to redeem butterfly larvae included. more

    6. $109.95 in_stock
      This is the perfect kit for encouraging kids' natural curiosity and introducing them to the wonders of nature. more

    7. $4.20 As low as: $3.78 in_stock
      Learn about owls and the animals they eat by doing an owl pellet dissection. more

    8. $9.80 As low as: $8.82 in_stock
      This single-use blood type test kit contains everything needed to perform a complete blood test at home for ABO and Rh. more

    9. $15.20 As low as: $13.68 in_stock
      Get everything you need for dissecting a frog. more

    10. $29.95 in_stock
      Explore the fascinating diversity of bacteria in your own environment. more

    11. $36.95 As low as: $33.26 in_stock
      Study the anatomy of seven different preserved animal specimens. more

    12. $20.50 As low as: $18.45 in_stock
      This economical kit has everything needed for dissecting a frog, earthworm, and grasshopper, making it a great way to introduce kids to dissection. more

    13. MSRP $41.95
      $37.95 You save 10% in_stock
      Observe frog metamorphosis up close with this deluxe frog hatchery kit. more

    14. $15.70 in_stock
      It's often said that one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of illness is washing hands with soap and water. more

    15. $57.95 in_stock
      Learn about barn owls and what foods they like to eat as you dissect an owl pellet. more

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    Items 1-15 of 44

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