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    Forensic Science Kits

    Use forensic science to find out "whodunnit!"

    Explore the fascinating technology of forensic science as you do your own crime scene investigation with these hands-on kits, project-based curriculum, and more. You can solve the "Case of the Disappearing Diamonds" with our Crime Scene Science Kit, learn how to dust and fume for fingerprints, practice simulated forensic blood typing, and more!

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    • Crime Scene Science Kit
      $59.95 in_stock
      Kids explore forensic science with a Crime Scene Science Kit. Do seven ... more
    • Forensic Chemistry of Unknown Substances
      $32.95 in_stock
    • Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis
      $29.95 in_stock
      How can crime scene investigators use hair to solve crimes? Find out w ... more
    • Crime Scene Science Classroom Refill Kit
      $69.95 in_stock
      Solve "Mystery of the Disappearing Diamonds" year after year with a ne ... more

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