The HST Story

Home Science Tools provides the tools parents and teachers need to inspire learning through engaging, hands-on science.

It All Started When

Frank Schaner was eight years old when his fascination with science began. He would walk down to the local pharmacy, purchase a few test tubes and other supplies, and conduct his own experiments—some, he admits, more successful than others. As his enthusiasm grew, so did his desire to learn about how chemistry worked, leading him to become a successful chemical engineer. In 1987, he and his wife Debbie, an RN, made the decision to homeschool their two young children. While finding resources for English, math, and history was easy, locating the tools and supplies for science proved much harder, especially as their family grew and the children advanced in schooling. Other homeschooling parents, many of whom lacked the Schaners’ science background, expressed the difficulties they faced in finding quality items that would help them make science both accessible and fun for them and their kids.  

An Unwavering Focus on a Superior Science Education

That’s what generated the idea for Home Science Tools, which was born in 1994—and the company grew quickly. Today we serve the wide-ranging science needs of parents, teachers, and families throughout the country. While the size of our company has changed, our focus has not. "Our purpose at Home Science Tools is to provide families and schools with the tools they need to give their children and students a superior science education,” Frank says. “We believe our service is helping to develop today's kids into the faithful and competent scientists, medical professionals, engineers, parents, and teachers of tomorrow." How do we do it? It starts with sourcing products that parents and teachers need to most effectively teach science subjects. We also make sure that every item we carry is high quality, a good value and designed to educate, not just entertain. That way, every customer can feel confident they’ll receive the tools, supplies, and kits that will encourage safe, fun, and engaging hands-on learning.

A Million Kids and Counting

To date, Home Science Tools has helped more than a million kids begin or expand their journey into science. Four of them were the Schaners’ own children, all of whom were homeschooled through high school and went on to complete college degrees. Two are stay-at-home moms with small home-based businesses: one of whom is beginning her own homeschool journey with her young children. One is a private school elementary teacher and one a mechanical engineer. All of them continue to enjoy learning about the world around them and sharing that interest with their children and others.  

Watch This

How can hands-on learning help children understand science? Find out in this short video and see how to encourage kids’ natural curiosity.