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    TSA worked awesome!
  • Anonymous
  • 03/15/2007
  • I'm a college student and we make TSA plates all the time in labs. This agar was very easy to use and came in a bottle as pictured. On the label it says that you can liquify the agar either in a waterbath or in the microwave. I recommend the waterbath! It may take longer, but you get better results, trust me! I grew up all kinds of cultures! Great product and good price!

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    Tryptic soy agar, sterile 125ml

    Ages 10+

    Item# BE-AGARSOY

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    Product Overview
    This sterile liquid tryptic soy agar is ready to use.

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      Tryptic soy agar, sterile 125ml

      This sterile liquid tryptic soy agar is ready to use. Just warm the tryptic soy agar, pour into petri dishes and inoculate with the bacteria culture of your choice (or use a swab to spread bacteria from your mouth or a countertop). The tryptic soy agar covers ten 100mm dishes. Tryptic soy agar is a general-purpose media, but it works particularly well for fastidious bacteria (ones with complex nutrient requirements), such as Bacillus stearothermophilus, Branhamella catarrhalis, and Bacillus coagulans. If you're not sure what kind of bacteria you'll be growing, we recommend using nutrient agar.

      Major Ingredients: Water, Agar, Casein Peptone, Soy Peptone

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