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    Great Kit!
  • Michele
  • 08/07/2013
  • I bought 9 of these kits for use in my 8th grade science classes. The students loved them! There are so many ways to experiment--trying to get the bulbs to light, putting the generators (motors) in series or running them parallel, making blades that require less wind (they still spin and generate electricity when far away from the fan), or trying to make blades that spin faster than the provided plastic ones. A few plastic propellers broke after numerous uses due to enthusiastic students pulling them on and off to try their home-made blades, but I was able to easily replace them since they are sold separately as well. I am buying another kit for my son to use at home!
    Good scinece fair project
  • Ryan
  • 04/20/2013
  • It was a good project for my scince fair. Works great but really does not tell the correct voltage.Overall good kit.
    General Instructions
  • Anthony Mallotto
  • 12/17/2011
  • I purchased this kit for a 13 yr old for an upcoming project. He knows nothing about elec. or mechanics, therefore I was hoping that the kit would have clear and helpful instructions. It does not ! The kit should have at least had basic assembly drawings and why and how to assemble. A drawing would have helped the youngster to complete his project easier had there been step by step drawings or plans and why each step is important to the success of the whole.

    reward points

    Wind Turbine Science Kit

    Ages 11+

    Item# KT-WINTURB

    $33.50 in_stock

    In Stock

    Product Overview
    How do we solve the modern energy crisis? The answer may be blowing in the wind! Build a wind turbine & learn about wind power.

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    QUANTITY 1 - 4 5+
    PRICE $33.50 $30.15
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    • Product Details

      Wind Turbine Science Kit

      How can the breeze blowing across your face become the power that lights our homes? Since wind is unpredictable, can we rely on it wind power to operate machines?

      Answer these questions and more with the Wind Turbine Science Kit for kids. Build your own model wind turbine, investigate how it works, and watch it create and store power.

      Discover renewable energy, motors, generators, and electrical circuits! Harness the wind to make a colored light glow or motor spin. Find out how a super-capacitor stores wind energy like a battery. Then design and test your own wind turbine blades using provided materials.

      The HST Wind Turbine Science Kit:

      • Offers a complete wind turbine science fair project
      • Contains everything to design, test & analyze wind power
      • Provides DIY fun in a one-box kit for students
      • Includes an easy-to-read explanation booklet

      Unlike many wind turbine science kits, ours encourages creativity and invention. How is this wind energy kit different from other one-and-done kits? With four blade patterns, ideas for alternate materials, and extra experiment prompts.

      What’s included?

      • Sturdy frame: PVC pipe supported by a wooden base
      • Convenient size: 14" tall for easy, indoor use
      • Adjustable variables: 4 blade pattern templates & 2 Styrofoam trays
      • Interesting activities: 7 experiments, plus ideas for more
      • Endless options: Swap Styrofoam blades for other materials
      • Reproducible outcomes: 28 entry spaces on observation chart
      • Measurable results: Digital multimeter for DC/AC voltage, DC current & resistance

      Use the included digital multimeter to test different wind turbine blade designs. Measure voltage, amperage, and calculate power output. Extend experiments with included supplies. Use the second motor. Store electrical energy in the super-capacitor. Light three LED lamps with series and parallel electrical circuits.

      What are the experiments?

      1. Simple Motor – show how a wind turbine works
      2. Simple Generator – generate electricity & light an LED
      3. Motor & Generator – use wind energy from one motor to power another
      4. How Much Power? – measure power output (voltage & amperage)
      5. Using Potential Energy – charge a capacitor & use it to power a motor
      6. Series & Parallel Circuits – study circuits & light up to 3 LEDs
      7. Double the Power? – connect two motors to the LEDs

      Note: This kit works best indoors using a fan to simulate wind. Use a standing or box fan with multiple power settings. The pictured wind turbine was built from the components in this kit.  Purchase extra Styrofoam trays to experiment with even more blade patterns. The Wind Turbine Science Kit includes easy-to-follow instructions and supplies for seven experiments.

      What concepts are covered?

      • What are Wind Turbines?
      • How Wind Power Works
      • Motors & Generators
      • Practical Energy
      • Further Study

      Looking for a wind turbine science fair project kit? Read the experiment suggestions below.

      Science Fair Project Ideas:

      • How much wind energy can you store using the capacitor included in the kit? Measure the volts and amps using the multimeter.
      • How much power can your turbine produce while outside on a windy day? Enough to light up an LED?
      • Curious about renewable energy? Connect a solar cell in series or parallel circuit with the wind turbine. How much power is generated?
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