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    Biology Supplies and Kits

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    1. $6.95 As low as: $6.25 in_stock
      This sterile liquid nutrient agar comes ready to use. more

    2. $29.95 in_stock
      Explore & experiment with a complete bacteria growing kit! Learn which surfaces in your home & on your body might make you say “EWW!” more

    3. $9.80 As low as: $8.80 in_stock
      This single-use blood type test kit contains everything needed to perform a complete blood test at home for ABO and Rh. more

    4. $4.30 As low as: $3.85 in_stock
      Learn about owls and the animals they eat by doing an owl pellet dissection. more

    5. Genetics of Blood Types Kit
      $24.50 in_stock
      While you may not think much about it, blood type plays a part in everything from forensic investigations to medical procedures. With this Genetics of Blood Types Kit, students learn all about the inherited characteristic. more

    6. Properties of Toothpaste Kit
      $50.95 in_stock
      Discover the Properties of Toothpaste with this hands-on kit! Though teeth cleaning agents stretch back thousands of years, toothpaste as we know came about recently. more

    7. $5.95 As low as: $5.35 in_stock
      A 20-pack of polystrene Petri dishes with lids that measure 55 mm x 15 mm. These culture plates are disposable and not autoclavable. more

    8. Petri dish, plastic, 60 x 15 mm, 2/pack
      $1.20 in_stock
      Disposable 60 x 15 mm dishes & covers. These dishes cannot be heated. more

    9. $3.50 As low as: $3.15 in_stock
      A pack of 10 sterile spring-loaded lancets for pricking fingers for blood tests or to make blood smear slides to view under a microscope. more

    10. $37.95 As low as: $34.15 in_stock
      Study the anatomy of seven different preserved animal specimens. more

    11. $15.60 As low as: $14.05 in_stock
      Make dissecting a frog easy! This complete kit comes with a scalpel, preserved frog, and step-by-step guide. A great hands-on way to study internal anatomy. more

    12. $8.10 As low as: $7.30 in_stock
      This tough plastic dissection tray will last for years. more

    13. $6.15 As low as: $5.55 in_stock
      Petri dishes are essential for growing bacteria. more

    14. $45.95 in_stock
      Take a close-up look at these specimens to make your biology studies come alive. more

    15. MSRP $239.95
      $194.95 You save 19% As low as: $185.20 in_stock
      This affordable, high school quality microscope has fluorescent lighting and 400x magnification, making it ideal for student lab work! more

    16. $21.50 As low as: $19.35 in_stock
      This kit allows you to differentiate bacteria using the Gram staining method. more

    17. $3.05 As low as: $2.75 in_stock
      This thermometer has a range from -20 to 110°C and 0 to 230°F. more

    18. $19.95 in_stock
      Learn about bacteria and many other different types of micro-organisms and the benefits and dangers they present in our world. more

    19. $32.95 As low as: $29.65 in_stock
      This unique Glo Germ™ Gel experiment kit is a memorable way to show how germs spread and how good hand washing technique is important in preventing disease. more

    20. $134.95 As low as: $121.45 in_stock
      To heat and stir liquids in chemistry, rely on the Lab Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer. Use it for chemistry, physics, and biology to heat glassware. more

    21. $20.95 As low as: $18.85 in_stock
      Get this glass beaker set and save even more than by ordering each separately. more

    22. $6.80 As low as: $6.10 in_stock
      This high-quality borosilicate glass petri dish is designed for repeated sterilization and reuse. more

    23. $54.95 in_stock
      This digital scale provides 0.01 g sensitivity. more

    24. $9.95 in_stock
      Use Neomycin antibiotic sensitivity disks to test the effect of a particular antibiotic on different bacteria cultures. Contains 50 disks. more

    25. $9.50 As low as: $8.55 in_stock
      This 17-piece dissection tool set includes stainless steel forceps, scissors, a scalpel handle, three #22 scalpel blades, curved and straight teasing needles, a medicine dropper, clear plastic ruler, and six T-pins, all in a hard plastic case. more

    Grid List

    Items 1-25 of 75

    per page
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3

    High quality biological lab supplies for school, work or home. Find the biology supplies you need for your next lab. Find anatomical charts and models, dissection tools, microscopes, scales, pipettes, and more. Make this your first and last stop when shopping for biology lab supplies.

    Our biology supplies, lab instruments, kits, and books make learning life science fun for students of all ages.

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