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    Cubelets Six Kit

    Ages 4+

    Item# KT-MRCKSIX

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    Product Overview
    Cubelets are a new way for people of all ages to discover and learn about robots. The six kit contains six Cubelets for multiple configurations.

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      Cubelets Six Kit

      Cubelets are a new way for people of all ages to discover and learn about robots. Each Cubelet is basically a smart mini robot that communicates with its neighbors. They connect together on contact using small magnets so that it is very easy to make and change configurations. There are no wires and no programming. It takes a minimum of three color-coded Cubelets to make a more complex robot.

      Attach a black "Sense" Cubelet to a "Think" Cubelet and add a clear "Action" Cubelet and you have a working robot. Add multiple Sense and Action Cubelets to make your robot mode complex. It's so easy that one two-year old put a few Cubelets together and exclaimed with joy, "I made my very own robot!"

      The Cubelets Six Kit comes with a set of six Cubelets and two adapters to combine your Cubelets with LEGO® bricks. You get two Sense Cubelets (a distance sensor and a brightness sensor), two Think Cubelets (a battery unit and a passive unit), and two Action Cubelets (a drive unit and a light unit).

      Connect the black Distance Sense Cubelet to the gray Battery Think Cubelet and add the clear Drive Action Cubelet and you have a robot that either follows your hand or moves away from your hand, depending on the direction of the drive unit. Rotate the Drive Action Cubelet 90° and your robot spins in a circle when an object is near. Rotate the Distance Sense Cubelet so the sensor points upward and the robot moves whenever an object approaches form above. You get the idea.

      The gray power Think Cubelet contains rechargeable batteries and is recharged via a micro-USB charger. Enhance the functionality of your Cubelets with the Bluetooth Cubelet that allows you to control Cubelets using an app on your smartphone or tablet (Apple or Android).

      Cubelets are lead free and assembled in Boulder, CO from components made all over the world.
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