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    By: Dylan Tipton
    Date: Nov 19, 2015

    Can you make a bubble in the shape of a star I’m doing a project on bubbles I need to know :)

    By: Kenzie Murphy
    Date: Nov 17, 2015

    me and my science partner Brayfon are doing a bubble experiment as our science fair project. we will be testing how long a bubble will last based on the bubble recipes we have found. have you done an experiment like this? if so how long did it last? and what recipe did you use?

    By: Louise
    Date: Apr 14, 2015

    How long can a bubble last without breaking?  Is 23 minutes plus on a dry cutting board possible?

    By: Chloe
    Date: Jan 20, 2015

    Whats surface tension?    Im just a fifth grader!

    By: pallavi arun
    Date: Dec 07, 2014

    I am helping my son to do a science project on bubbles , can we measure the air in the bubble or how to calculate air that is blown in to the bubble

    By: To Nick
    Date: Nov 20, 2014

    Unfortunately, you can’t make bubbles without soap.

    I’m sure the world would be a much happier place if you could.

    By: nick
    Date: Jun 28, 2014

    Can you make bubbles without soap.