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    A Fabulous Hands On Model - PreK - Elementary Age
  • Debbie H
  • 01/17/2009
  • Read the news on education and we hear over and over about the importance of teaching science to the younger grades. I think sometimes this is hard to do as some areas of science are difficult to comprehend at that age level. Here is a GREAT hands on teaching model - great for teaching about the earth - and what is inside, below the water, mountains, etc....great for teaching geography as well as here we have a globe that fits great into young hands.....made of a durable foam type substance - children can feel the mountains, feel continents higher than the oceans, see the equator. I get excited about this one! Great in teaching younger children in Sunday School as well, or VBS, as you teach missions. This is just a great one!

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    Earth Cross-Section Model

    Ages 5+

    Item# CM-EARTHCS

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    Product Overview
    Visualize the inside of the earth with this sturdy soft foam model.

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      Earth Cross-Section Model

      Visualize the inside of the earth with this sturdy soft foam model. The color-coded cross section shows the earth's crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core, with information about the depth and temperature of each. The accompanying booklet includes information about the composition of each layer, and has diagrams for your students to label. The model reinforces surface geography as well; each continent and ocean is marked with a letter corresponding to a diagram in the booklet. 5" diameter.

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