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    Works Great and has a Good Price!
  • Joseph
  • 11/06/2015
  • This condenser is sturdily built and easily with many distillation setups.
  • Jack
  • 01/22/2015
  • i had a tough time decided weather to get this off of HST of E-bay but in the end this was a much much higher quality product,happy, happy, happy
    great product
  • Julie
  • 12/31/2014
  • I love my HST condenser. I have been using it to teach high school students distillation. Before I owned this, I used a less effective method to condense the vapor, but this is much easier and more effective. If needed you can buy the tubing and adaptors for a water spicket from HST as well.

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    Graham Condenser, 300 mm

    Ages 14+

    Item# CE-GCON300

    $24.95 in_stock

    In Stock

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    Product Overview
    A condenser is a key component for setting up a distillation apparatus.

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      Graham Condenser, 300 mm

      A Graham condenser is a key component for setting up a distillation apparatus. This borosilicate glass 300 mm condenser has a coiled inner tube to provide additional surface area for highly efficient cooling.

      While a condenser can be used in a variety of distillation set-ups, we recommend using this Graham condenser with a Kjeldahl distillation bulb to improve distillation efficiency.

      This Graham condenser is designed to be connected to other components using rubber stoppers. The upper (inlet) tube has an inside diameter of about 18 mm which fits a No. 3 rubber stopper.

      Use with a ring stand and clamp for support.

      We also have a special condenser accessory kit with everything you need to connect this Graham condenser to a standard faucet.

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