High School Science In The Classroom

High School Science
In The Classroom

High school students take a more serious examination of the sciences, with focused classes on subjects like chemistry, biology, and physics, and they begin to analyze themselves and everything around them with greater abstract thinking.

HST helps you tap into their advanced minds with hands-on projects that make science relevant to their everyday world.


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Explore chemistry labware, equipment, glassware, chemicals, and safety equipment.

High School Favorites

"I have relied on the service and products of Home Science Tools to bring the best science lessons to my students. The service is great, reliable and convenient."

— Danielle R.

"We have been ordering large quantities of scientific equipment from Home Science Tools for the last few years for use in private schools around the U.S. and we are so happy with their wonderful customer service and prompt accurate order fulfillment."

— Mary O.

"If you haven’t done this project yet! Stop what you are doing and DO IT! Owl pellet dissection was a great way to end our ecosystem and begin our fossil unit and the Engagement was through the ROOF!!"

— simplysullivanin4th

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