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Protozoa Survey Set - 6 Live Cultures

Ages 11+
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Learn about the great variety of protozoa life with this large set of six individual cultures. Read More

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Learn about the great variety of protozoa life with this large set of six individual cultures. The six cultures have been selected to show both the major forms of movement (pseudopods, flagellum, and cilia) and well as other major characteristics such as size, shape, and structure. The six species included in this set are:

  • Amoeba - large and constantly changing form; moves with pseudopods in fluid motion
  • Euglena - small and oval-shaped; moves with flagella in a rapid darting motion
  • Paramecium - large and oval-shaped; moves with cilia in smooth motion
  • Stentor - large and trumpet-shaped; one end anchors and one end moves with cilia to capture food
  • Volvox - colonial; spherical-shaped; moves with flagellum in a rolling motion
  • Spirostomum - one of the largest protists; tubular shape; moves with cilia

Each culture comes in a small 60ml jar with enough material for a class of 30. Culturing instructions are included.

Live cultures can be difficult to sustain. The culture will come with care instructions, but plan to use it within 1-2 days of arrival for best results. This item cannot be returned.






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