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Explore Science by HST

HST's own K-2 homeschool science curriculum + kit in one box.

Introducing Explore Science from Home Science Tools: topical stand-alone curriculum for grades K-2. Study all major areas of science: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics.

From the Resource Center

At HST, we know hands-on science is the best science and that inspired learning begins at home. That's why Explore Science lessons revolve around activities & are easily taught by new teachers. Read more about our philosophy of teaching kids science.

Explore Science is based on the 5E teaching model, lessons begin with hands-on activities. Curriculum and supplies in one-box kits offer a month of science at roughly one lesson per week. Choose eight units (coming soon) for a year of robust K-2 science.

How is Explore Science different?

Standalone thematic kits include step-by-step curriculum and activity supplies together. Lessons revolve around hands-on activities and engage kids with discussion throughout. Kids love the hands-on exploration. Parents love the flexibility and convenience.

Who should use Explore Science?

Homeschools, small groups, and co-ops looking for a thorough, hands-on introduction to science. The curriculum walks you through each lesson, so even novice homeschoolers can teach confidently.

Where do I start?

We recommend using An Intro to Scientific Skills first. It includes age-appropriate concepts, vocabulary, and materials needed for other units. From there, discover units in any order you choose.

What are the 5Es?

The 5Es model is an inquiry-based, hands-on teaching method.

Engage students with the topic.
Explore with hands-on activities and discussion.
Explain key concepts and definitions.
Extend learning with an application.
Evaluate new understanding.