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Science Unlocked
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Science Unlocked

Science Unlocked

Science Unlocked is everything that you need to teach your child an entire month’s worth of science in one box! Complete with detailed teacher guide and student workbook, your children will learn real science through phenomenon based learning and hands-on experiments from the moment they crack the cover. Combine Science Unlocked kits together to create an entire science curriculum. Homeschooling just got easier!

Science Unlocked Levels

Kids are naturally curious. As they grow, their ability to discover, understand and learn about the world around them changes. We created three distinct levels of Science Unlocked to represent the stages of child development (called Piaget stages) and to signify the progression of this natural curiosity that you see in your children every day. Experience real science and watch wonder unfold, learning accelerate, and young minds launch into a brighter future.

For Parents and Children. For All Ages and Abilities.

Science Unlocked strips away the hours-long lesson planning and intimidation by combining a comprehensive, ongoing program with lessons, supplies, and excitement for all ages and abilities delivered right to your door.

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Discover a meaningful, experiential learning program that covers all science topics.

Each Science Unlocked kit includes everything you need to get your students engaged in hands-on science — except maybe a glass of water, a box of crayons, or a sunny window sill. We’ve been intentional to include everything you need in each box. 

This means we have included all the hands-on materials (except very common household items or appliances), an engaging Student Workbook, and a comprehensive Teacher Guide. Plus, each kit includes a single-page starter guide to help you get started quickly and easily — Science Unlocked is your roadmap to scientific success!

Buy in Bulk & Save in Size Build a Complete Curriculum

It's more than a curriculum — it's an all-in-one homeschool science program designed with both parents and children in mind.

Bundle 3 Kits & Save 10%

An Introduction to Science Unlocked!

Bundle 9+ Kits & Save 20%

Cover more than a year or more than one student!

Reviews from Homeschool Families

"Yes! This is what I was looking for! This has been a lot of fun at home, but I also see it as even more fun for our STEM club or our co-op. "

Cindy W

"This was definitely age-appropriate for my daughter who is advanced in both math and science. I appreciated the planning page in the Teacher’s Guide where it laid out the time and the flow for the curriculum. Being able to see the full picture was very helpful for me."

Amy S

" We did Newton’s Notions. I felt like the reading was very meaty and good; it didn’t talk down to my child. It was written for his level. The way [the curriculum] was laid out was very clear and consistent for both my child and me. "

Danielle E

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