Science Unlocked is the recipient of the 2023 Best in STEM NAPPA Award for the Best Immersive Experience. Click here to read the comments made by the National Parenting Product Award evaluators.

Save on a full-year science curriculum or order a single kit for a month’s worth of learning. Each kit is designed to meet NGSS and simplify prep while offering a hands-on, engaging educational experience for both the teacher and the student.

Designed for Parents and Children of All Abilities.

Science Unlocked is a leading, all-in-one learning experience. It combines a comprehensive, ongoing program with lessons, supplies, and excitement for all ages and abilities delivered right to your door.

What’s Included?

Everything you need to unlock wonder, spark curiosity, build scientific thinking and investigation skills, and cultivate a love of learning science.

All Necessary Hands-on Materials

Easy-to-follow Student Workbook

Teacher Guide and Schedule

Starter Guide and Content List

Hands-on Curriculum

High-quality inquiry-based science curriculum designed to meet national science standards

Engaging hands-on investigation to facilitate exploration of the natural world

Year-long learning progressions developed by homeschool science experts for homeschool families

Zero Prep Time

Everything you need in one box

A year’s worth of science, delivered to your doorstep

Year-long quality science instruction at an affordable price

Reviews from Homeschool Families
    • “While this is a stand alone curriculum, we have added it to our current curriculum and it has been amazing. My son gets more in-depth projects that I don't have to work to gather materials last minute. Everything you need is in the box. The directions are simple to follow and the workbooks are great quality.”

      — Rebecca V.

    • “This was definitely age-appropriate for my daughter who is advanced in both math and science. I appreciated the planning page in the Teacher’s Guide where it laid out the time and the flow for the curriculum. Being able to see the full picture was very helpful for me.”

      — Amy S.

    • “This kit is an open and go chemistry experiment kit. I am teaching a class at our homeschool co-op. I do not know much about chemistry and this kit is easy to implement.”

      — Deanna H.

    Science Unlocked is a National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA) winning all-in-one science curriculum created by Home Science Tools for grades K-12. Each kit contains everything you need to complete the experiments so there is less time spent searching for supplies and more time learning science.  
    Each kit is thoughtfully aligned Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to make sure your learning goals are met. Science Unlocked creates a comprehensive, ongoing learning experience with educational lessons for all ages and abilities.  
    There is a month of learning in every box, with everything you need to create a memorable science learning experience for your student. Want more than one month of learning? Science Unlocked can be purchased as a full-year curriculum bundle to engage your student in science education for the entire year. 

    Watch our Science Unlocked video to learn more about our all-in-one, hands-on science curriculum!

    Science Unlocked aligns with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and does not dictate philosophical, religious, or worldviews. It is inclusive to the diversity of homeschool families, their viewpoints, and science education needs. The educational content is written to allow students to focus on observation, vocabulary, and data to describe, model, and explain natural phenomena.  
    We know that some science topics are sensitive to different communities. The following kits touch on sensitive science topics:  

    There are three levels of Science Unlocked – Wonder, Accelerate, and Launch.  
    Wonder is designed for students grades K-2. Students at this level love to wonder, are curious and ask lots of questions. Wonder-level kits are designed to build upon this love for learning.

    Accelerate is designed for students grade 3-7. As students grow, they begin to see the world in new and concrete ways. Accelerate-level kits and bundles drive this growth and development towards higher-level learning.

    Launch is designed for students grades 8+. Students at this level develop logical and formal modes of thinking and reasoning. Our Launch-level products intend to launch these students into the next phase of their life with challenging hands-on science learning. 
    While each level coordinates with student grade levels, Science Unlocked is flexible. If you have a high achiever, you can move up a level. If your student needs to rediscover concepts, they can stay at the level they are at for a little longer or go down a level. 

    The first step is choosing a curriculum bundle or a curriculum kit.  
    A Science Unlocked curriculum kit includes everything that you need for an entire month of science learning and discovery.  
    Science Unlocked is flexible, so you can start with any kit you would like, the is no required order. Science Unlocked offers kits in five science disciplines – Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space, Engineering & Technology, and Physics. Either pick a kit that interests you or your student or choose one that fits your science education needs.

    A Science Unlocked curriculum bundle is a full-year science curriculum made up of multiple kits. It is the best way to learn science alongside your student all year!  

    There are three Wonder-level Science Unlocked bundles, each with six different Science Unlocked curriculum kits. Each Wonder-level bundle is interdisciplinary, so it includes kits from each of the five Science Unlocked disciplines. We suggest you start with Wonder Year 1, then go to Wonder Year 2, and finish with Wonder Year 3.

    Accelerate and Launch-level bundles are discipline-specific kits, meaning that the included kits focus on one core science topic. Because Accelerate and Launch-level bundles are discipline-specific, you can start with any discipline you would like. There are six kits in each Accelerate-level bundle and nine kits in each Launch-level bundle.  

    If you or your state requires progress to be aligned with Next Generation Science Standards or state standards, Science Unlocked is a perfect fit. The program is designed to provide the flexibility to meet the unique needs of homeschool families while also being compatible with NGSS. Each kit is aligned with 2 -4 performance standards, including additional standards developed in house by the Home Science Tools curriculum team.

    The program fits in a complete K-12 science scope and sequence. If you need more help, our team is always here for you.

    We’ve designed Science Unlocked to uniquely meet the needs of children at the Wonder, Accelerate and Launch levels. Children at similar ages are encouraged to work together in the kits. If your kids are at very different levels, we've included a number of “Multiple Ages and Abilities” guidelines in our Teacher Guides to help you get as many of your children involved as possible.

    Don’t worry, Science Unlocked was developed just for you. Each kit includes a comprehensive Teacher Guide that supplements the Student Workbook. This guide can be used as much or as little as you’d like. If your student works independently, they can simply refer to the Teacher Guide for solutions to assessment questions. If you work directly with your child, you can use the convenient numbered tabs to identify where the Student Workbook and Teacher Guide align.

    Here’s just a taste of how the Teacher Guide can help you do science at home:

    1. Frustrated with preparing lessons? Before each activity, you’ll find all the details needed for you to prepare hands-on activities for your child. Don’t worry, we’ve limited upfront prep time as much as possible.
    2. Not sure how to help your student when they’re stuck on a question? We provide suggested scripts and actions for guiding your student’s understanding and correcting their misconceptions.
    3. Not sure how much science to do every day? We provide a suggested schedule to break the kit up into manageable sessions over the course of one month.
    4. Need sample answers to compare to your student’s response? Each assessment exercise has full answers provided, including sample responses for written, diagram, or other more complex assessments.
    5. Have younger or older students involved? The Teacher Guide provides opportunities for you to accelerate or decelerate the content to meet the students where they are. Plus, we provide opportunities to engage multiple students in hands-on activities. Some kits even include coloring pages to get the youngest in your home involved.
    6. Excited about learning more yourself? We’ve provided additional engaging content that will have you hooked on science just like your child!