What You Get

  • High-quality student workbooks filled with real science learning.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions so you can teach engaging, hands-on science.
  • All the materials you'll need for every experiment, in one box.
  • Clear and thorough lesson plans that are easily adaptable for different ages, needs, and learning styles.

We make sure everything is planned out for you so you can open and go, eliminating prep time.

Science Unlocked meets nearly all NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards)
for each level, guaranteeing a robust and well-rounded science education.

With 11 full-year curriculum bundles and over 80 kits to choose from, you have the freedom to tailor the experience to meet your unique learning goals.

Why Families Love Science Unlocked​
    • “I love that there's actually learning happening! These kits are so full of information and the kids are really challenged, but in a fun, great way!”

      — Vanessa T

    • “Everything you need is already in the box. Also, the activities are things you can't find online by a Google search. They are unique and interesting.”

      — Jamie J

    • “It gave us quality experiments that I would have either fumbled through or skipped. Instead, we had clearly laid out experiments and a good experience overall.”

      — Meg A

    Get Started with Science Unlocked

    Step 1: Pick your level

    Choose the right level for your learner. We believe that every child progresses at their own speed. Our flexible levels allow you to choose the "right fit" for every age and learning stage:

    Wonder (Grades K-2)

    Accelerate (Grades 3-7)

    Launch (Grades 8-12)

    Step 2: Choose Your Topic

    Every week is a new opportunity to discover more.




    Earth & Space

    Engineering & Technology

    Step 3 : Let the Learning Begin

    Open the box and start learning!

    Our curriculum contains everything you need to deliver a memorable learning experience, easily.

    Stop searching for materials and spending hours building lesson plans to teach your next science lesson.
    Science Unlocked is an open-and-go all-in-one science curriculum that makes teaching science possible for EVERYONE.

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    Schools Use Science Unlocked Too!​
      • “Science Unlocked is completely immersive for students and helps them to make so many connections.”

        — Karen Hamilton | Jerome SChools

      • “Our Extended Learning students love the high-quality kits. They provide S.T.E.A.M.-related hands-on activities that they would not normally receive in the classroom.”

        — Nicole Kinser | Bakersfield

      Science Unlocked FAQs

      Science Unlocked is a National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA) winning all-in-one science curriculum created by Home Science Tools for grades K-12. Each kit contains everything you need to complete the experiments so there is less time spent searching for supplies and more time learning science.  
      Each kit is thoughtfully aligned Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to make sure your learning goals are met. Science Unlocked creates a comprehensive, ongoing learning experience with educational lessons for all ages and abilities.  
      There is a month of learning in every box, with everything you need to create a memorable science learning experience for your student. Want more than one month of learning? Science Unlocked can be purchased as a full-year curriculum bundle to engage your student in science education for the entire year. 

      Watch our Science Unlocked video to learn more about our all-in-one, hands-on science curriculum!

      Science Unlocked aligns with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and does not dictate philosophical, religious, or worldviews. It is inclusive to the diversity of homeschool families, their viewpoints, and science education needs. The educational content is written to allow students to focus on observation, vocabulary, and data to describe, model, and explain natural phenomena.
      We know that some science topics are sensitive to different communities. The following kits touch on sensitive science topics:

      There are three levels of Science Unlocked – Wonder, Accelerate, and Launch.
      Wonder is designed for students grades K-2. Students at this level love to wonder, are curious and ask lots of questions. Wonder-level kits are designed to build upon this love for learning.

      Accelerate is designed for students grade 3-7. As students grow, they begin to see the world in new and concrete ways. Accelerate-level kits and bundles drive this growth and development towards higher-level learning.

      Launch is designed for students grades 8+. Students at this level develop logical and formal modes of thinking and reasoning. Our Launch-level products intend to launch these students into the next phase of their life with challenging hands-on science learning.
      While each level coordinates with student grade levels, Science Unlocked is flexible. If you have a high achiever, you can move up a level. If your student needs to rediscover concepts, they can stay at the level they are at for a little longer or go down a level.

      Each kit includes a comprehensive Teacher Guide that supports the Student Workbook. This guide can be used as much or as little as you would like. There are numbered tabs in the margins of the Student Workbook and Teacher Guide. Use the numbered tabs to identify where the Student Workbook and Teacher Guide align.

      Refer to the Teacher Guide for solutions to assessment questions and experiments, helpful tips on including multiple students or taking the learning further, and additional information for your own enjoyment. The Teacher Guide also includes a suggested schedule for what sections to complete each day, and how long those sections are expected to take.

      Here is an example of how the Teacher Guide can help you do science at home:

      1. Frustrated with preparing lessons? If preparation is required, we have provided you with the details needed for you to prepare hands-on activities for your child. Do not worry, we have limited upfront prep time as much as possible.
      2. Not sure how much science to do every day? We provide a suggested schedule to help you break up the kit into manageable sections.
      3. Need sample answers to compare to your student’s response? Each assessment exercise has full answers provided, including sample responses for written, diagram, or other more complex assessments.
      4. Have younger or older students involved? The Teacher Guide provides opportunities for you to accelerate or decelerate the content to meet the students where they are. Plus, we provide opportunities to engage multiple students in hands-on activities. Some kits even include coloring pages to get the youngest in your home involved.
      5. Working with a special needs student? Check out our Multiple Ages and Abilities sections! We offer opportunities for students to collaborate effectively or suggest solutions for students with tactile sensitivity to complete experiments or activities in a way that is comfortable for them.

      The first step is choosing a curriculum bundle or a curriculum kit.
      A Science Unlocked curriculum kit includes everything that you need for an entire month of science learning and discovery.
      Science Unlocked is flexible, so you can start with any kit you would like, the is no required order. Science Unlocked offers kits in five science disciplines – Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space, Engineering & Technology, and Physics. Either pick a kit that interests you or your student or choose one that fits your science education needs.

      A Science Unlocked curriculum bundle is a full-year science curriculum made up of multiple kits. It is the best way to learn science alongside your student all year!

      There are three Wonder-level Science Unlocked bundles, each with six different Science Unlocked curriculum kits. Each Wonder-level bundle is interdisciplinary, so it includes kits from each of the five Science Unlocked disciplines. We suggest you start with Wonder Year 1, then go to Wonder Year 2, and finish with Wonder Year 3.

      Accelerate and Launch-level bundles are discipline-specific kits, meaning that the included kits focus on one core science topic. Because Accelerate and Launch-level bundles are discipline-specific, you can start with any discipline you would like. There are six kits in each Accelerate-level bundle and nine kits in each Launch-level bundle.

      On the front page of the starter guide in each kit, you will see a list of learning goals. See example here. These learning goals align with the experiments, activities, and educational content found within the kit. At the beginning of each activity in the Student Workbook and Teacher Guide, you will see learning goals from that list specific to the materials found within that activity. See example here. After an activity is completed by your student, you can refer to these learning goals to determine if your student has fulfilled the learning expectations.

      Science Unlocked kits offer many types of student assessments: Predict, Reflect, Think About It, Show What You Know questions, lab reports, research reports, Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER), KWLQA, and much more! Parents can use these sections for proof of progress for personal records or for state mandated reporting.

      Science Unlocked has a full scope and sequence. Check it out here!

      Many states require Next Generation Science Standards, or science standards with similar objectives, making Science Unlocked the perfect fit for your science curriculum. Science Unlocked aligns with Next Generation Science Standards, with each kit meeting 2 - 4 Next Generation Science Standards. The Student Workbooks are a great option for sharing your student’s progress and keeping track of their learning.  

      Yes, more than one student can work on the same kit. We include several “Multiple Ages and Abilities” guidelines in our Teacher Guides. Whether you have students across multiple ages, ability levels, or both, these sections are intended to help you get as many students involved as possible. 
      Each kit comes with one Student Workbook and enough safety materials for a single student. However, many of the safety materials are available for individual purchase on the Home Science Tools website. If you need more Student Workbooks, give our customer service team a call at (406) 256-0990 to have them added to your order for an additional fee. 

      No problem! We have you covered whether you want to complete experiments multiple times or would like more supplies for multiple students. Many of the items in Science Unlocked kits are available for individual purchase on the Home Science Tools website. If you need more Student Workbooks, give our customer service team a call at (406) 256-0990 to have them added to your order for an additional fee. 

      Each kit in a Science Unlocked curriculum bundle has its own Student Workbook. The Student Workbooks go in-depth on various concepts within a science subject. The Student Workbooks are the equivalent of 1-3 chapters in a textbook. For this reason, there is no textbook. Instead, the Student Workbooks combined make up the same material as a textbook would.