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    Excellent Distillation Set
  • Rebecca
  • 08/13/2015
  • I have wanted to purchase a basic distillation set to demonstrate to my homeschool students how to separate different materials. This will work great. I love the foam packaging used to protect the glassware.
    Great distillation starter kit
  • Jonathan
  • 03/07/2015
  • Fantastic price for well-made borosilicate distillation setup. It comes with everything needed for basic vacuum or simple distillations, my only recommendation would be to buy at least one pack of extra joint clips, as they are not especially robust and you will need more anyway should you add a fractionation column or anything else. Adding a couple drops of some high-boiling fluid to the bottom of the thermometer adapter makes temperature reading more reactive. Finally, in hindsight I wish I had invested in the Deluxe Organic distillation setup to begin with, so consider doing so if this hobby is taking off for you. Recommended for those starting out.
    Excellent value to get started
  • Gavin
  • 12/19/2014
  • This kit brought me int the world of organic distillation. I have used the system many times in the synthisis of nitric acid and have never been let down. Although I have added many pieces to my collection I still have, and use, all of the pieces from my original kit. I would recommend this kit to anyone who is trying to piece together a distillation set-up. Well worth it!

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    Vacuum Distillation Organic Glassware Set

    Ages 14+

    Item# CE-DISTVAC

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    Product Overview
    This Vacuum Distillation Organic Glassware Set for organic chemistry has standard taper ground joints supports regular or vacuum distillations.

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      Vacuum Distillation Organic Glassware Set

      This Vacuum Distillation Glassware Set for organic chemistry has standard taper ground joints supports regular or vacuum distillations. The 24/29 standard taper ground joints mean the different pieces fit together with only glass in contact with the chemical solutions and distillation process. This means nothing contaminates the distillate produced. This set includes a 500 ml round bottom flask, a 1000 ml round bottom flask, a 300 mm Graham condenser, a 75° distilling head, a 105° vacuum receiving tube, a thermometer jacket tube, a glass stopper, and five plastic joint clips. Does NOT include a thermomter.

      The glass components are all made from high-quality GG17 borosilicate glass that has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. This means the glassware is capable of withstanding typical laboratory thermal variations common to chemistry processes like heating and cooling. Standard taper ground joint glassware is commonly used for organic chemistry processes. Just a thin film of silicone grease or a layer of PTFE tape on the joint creates a leak-proof connection, even under vacuum or modest pressure. The plastic joint clips hold the connections tightly together.

      These standard taper ground glass joints are the 24/29 international standard, which means 24 mm diameter at the widest part of the joint with a standard taper that is 29 mm long. These pieces also fit 24/40 ground joints, which are a US standard, having the same 24 mm diameter and standard taper but 40 mm length. You provide support stands and clamps, a burner, thermometer and stopper, and condenser tubing to complete your distillation set-up.

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