This is Your Moment - Design It, Test It, Present It

Find a science fair project that will inspire your child's natural curiosity and get them excited to showcase what they know! We'll guide you through the whole process - from concept to presentation. Let their imagination soar while cultivating a sense of accomplishment.

Step 1: Get the Complete Science Fair Guide 

Take the science fair to next-level learning when their natural curiosity meets hands-on science! Whether it’s your first or fourth time building a science fair project, our free eBook makes creating a great science fair experience easy. Our complete guide to science fair success compiles our best resources to walk parents through: 

 Brainstorming and choosing the right project
 Using the scientific method
 Analyzing data & forming a conclusion
 Presenting your findings

Step 2: Design It

Find science fair project ideas for any age.

Step 3: Test It

Test your hypothesis and discover something new.

Step 4: Present It

We are thrilled to invite young scientists in grades K-12 to participate in our first annual Home Science Tools Virtual Science Fair! Homeschoolers, AnySchoolers, Unschoolers, classroom learners and everyone in between is welcome to participate. Design your science fair project around a topic or question you're interested in and follow the scientific method to investigate your findings.

Virtual Science Fair Virtual Science Fair

Winning Project Ideas
    • Rainbow Fire Kit

      “We used this experiment for the 8th Grade Science Fair - testing certain chemicals to make colored fire for fireworks. It worked great, plenty of chemicals to work with. Highly recommend for an engaging experiment to explore chemical reaction, electromagnetic spectrum, and color theory.”

      — Laura K.

    • Electrolyte Challenge Kit

      “We've bought this kit for my son's Science project ( 9th grade) Kit was very easy to assemble, all instructions can be read online, provided with detailed pictures. This experiment in particular, in my opinion is one of the best for high school project. Shipment was fast (within 3 days). Would HIGHLY recommend to the others!”

      — Irena E.

    • Sugar Metabolism Kit

      “Great kit that really helped with this year's science fair project. The site gave us great instructions that we printed that were written simply and in depth that my middle schooler could follow easily. Would definitely recommend and will look at other available kits for future projects.”

      — Suzanne W.