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Learning Science AT Home

Distance Learning Support for Parents

We're bringing years of experience for learning science at home to help you succeed in the 2020-2021 school year.

homeschooling curriculum
  • You're doing full-time or partial distance learning and taking direction from your public or private school teachers online.
  • You want to supplement your child's education for fear of getting behind.
  • You want to supplement your child's education to help keep them motivated and entertained during their spare time.
  • You're curious about what real homeschooling is about and giving it a try this year.



Regardless of your reasoning, we are here to help you learn science at home with ease, support, and affordability.

homeschooling curriculum

homeschooling curriculum

The truth is, real homeschooling is nothing like what you have experienced. Homeschoolers are feeling overwhelmed and trapped by this pandemic as well. When families homeschool, in a traditional sense, it’s really more that every day has the possibility of being a field trip! And although it doesn’t compare, experienced homeschoolers are working hard to help provide advice for parents like you, while you're learning the ropes of learning at home. Read helpful advice from experienced homeschool parents.

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We’ve got FREE DIY Science Projects! What’s great about science projects is not only that they're memorable, hands-on learning activities, but they also help keep the kiddos busy. If you're a mom or dad that’s working remotely full-time, does this sound familiar to hear, “Mom / Dad, I’m bored!” Don’t worry, we got you. Science projects are a great solution to keep them motivated, inspired and they also help limit that screen time. Check it out:

homeschooling curriculum

Preparing for a science project can be a chore when you have to run errands to gather all of the supplies. The good news? We have ready-to-go, hands-on science kits for at-home learning. We’ve been building these experiences specifically for home use for over 25 years! Check it out:

homeschooling curriculum

You’ve been thinking about homeschooling for years, haven’t you? Maybe it’s because God is tugging on your heart to spend time learning along with your kids, or maybe it’s because your public school system isn’t setting your children up for success. The reasons vary greatly, but did this global pandemic give you the push you needed to dive in? We're here to help:



If you're new to homechooling, check out what back to (home) school looks like:

homeschooling curriculum

Keep it relevant. Learn about COVID-19

Minds learn best when a topic is hands-on and relevant. Our COVID-19 learning kits are available for children of various ages to help them understand the spread of illness, properly washing hands and what a pandemic means.

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This Coronavirus Education Kit from Home Science Tools is an excellent educational tool to use in the classroom, at home, at work, or at community events. Conduct 6 hands-on activities to better understand virus transmission & response!

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Featured Science Projects

Engage Your Children in Inspired Learning

How to Make Slime

How to Make a Bouncy Ball

Egg in a Bottle

From The Learning Center

homeschooling curriculum


Get practical tips on how to fit science into your schedule! Find ideas to fit students of any age or learning style. Start your homeschool science journey.

homeschooling curriculum


During this time of quarantine, people everywhere are showcasing their creativity for entertainment and learning. Check out these at-home inspired learning science projects.

homeschooling curriculum


Hands-on science discovery is a few clicks away! Find science kits and project ideas for Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Physics, and Technology.

homeschooling curriculum


Browse science topics by field for middle and high schoolers! Our resource lists science topics with links to science kits, activities and projects ideas.

Hands-on Science Kits

Hands-on Science In Action

Chemistry Magic: Mystery Pitcher

In this Home Science Tools video, watch us magically turn water into pink "kool-aid." Try this neat color-change science project yourself!

How to Grow Crystals

Make your very own brilliant pink crystals with this Crystal Tree Growing Kit! In just 4 easy steps, you’ll be watching crystals form and grow before your very eyes.

Liquid Density

Conduct this liquid density experiment at home to explore the density of water, vegetable oil, and corn syrup! Which of these liquids do you think is the most dense? How about the least dense? Put your hypotheses to the test and explore a number of other liquid density experiments to learn more!

Disappearing Styrofoam Cup

Use acetone to make a styrofoam cup collapse and disappear! This quick & easy home science experiment is sure to amaze and engage your kiddos.

How to Make Elephant Toothpaste

This kid-friendly version of the classic ‘Elephant Toothpaste Experiment’ is a perfect way to engage your kiddos. As shown towards the end of this video, our Elephant Toothpaste Reaction Kit has everything you need to easily conduct this experiment from home!

Bubbles & Surface Tension Experiment

Learn about bubbles and surface tension with this easy, kid-friendly experiment. Find this experiment and more to take your exploration of bubbles even further!

Egg in a Bottle

With this fun, hands-on egg experiment, kids can learn about the relation of temperature and pressure as they watch an egg get sucked into a bottle!

Kitchen Chemistry: Testing for Vitamin C

Testing different foods and drinks for Vitamin C is an engaging way to learn about chemistry! Kids love ‘kitchen chemistry’ experiments, and this is just one of the many you can easily do from home!

Make a Homemade Lava Lamp

Make your very own (temporary) lava lamp using just vegetable oil, water, and food coloring! With this quick and easy lava lamp experiment, kids can explore two important scientific principles: polarity and density.

How to make Simple Slime

A kid-favorite! This ooey-gooey simple slime is easy to make and a whole lot of fun to play with. With our Slime Science Kit for Kids, kids can have a blast making 4 types of slime (including simple slime), while also learning about chemical reactions & polymers!

How to Make Oobleck

To make this kind of slime, you only need water and cornstarch. Oobleck is a Non-Newtonian fluid that resembles quicksand; it acts like a solid AND a liquid. Making Oobleck is a quick, easy, and engaging home science experiment for the whole family!

Glo Germ Kits & Experiments

Learn how to stop the spread of germs by using simulated germs in Glo Germ Gel! The fake germs glow blue under a black light. It’s the perfect way to teach your kids about germ transmission and proper handwashing!

homeschooling curriculum



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