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    Science Gifts for Boys

    These fun science gifts are great for the boys on your list!

    Science is neither masculine nor feminine—it's gender neutral. We’re committed to raising STEM awareness in and outside of the classroom as we strive to provide the best hands-on science tools and resources for kids. Children are dynamic, just like their interests, and while we provide a large selection of great science products enjoyed by both girls and boys, we know that sometimes parents need help choosing science gifts and toys for their children.

    That’s why we’ve created two categories, one for boys and one for girls, to make shopping more convenient. Both categories are filled with cool robotic kits, STEM building sets, engineering toys, animal life cycle kits like butterfly gardens and frog hatchery kits, rocks & mineral collecting sets, telescopes, and more!

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    1. $10.00 ... $500.00

      Give them what they really want with a Home Science Tools eGift card. This gift certificate will be emailed to the recipient after your order has been paid for.


    2. $26.95 in_stock
      The popular Grow-a-Frog kit is an excellent way to learn about frog metamorphosis as you watch a tadpole develop into an adult frog. more

    3. Foam Ball Blaster
      $16.95 in_stock
      An air powered foam ball blaster for experimenting with velocity. more

    4. Make Your Own Slime Kit
      $19.95 in_stock
      How can playing with super slime, glooze, and oobleck pack powerful lessons about chemical reactions and polymers? With our slime kit! more

    5. Happy Atoms Introductory Set
      MSRP $59.95
      $53.90 You save 10% in_stock
      Kids build the building blocks of the universe with Happy Atoms! This 3D molecular modeling set is a chemistry adventure. 508 molecules. more

    6. Happy Atoms Complete Set
      MSRP $159.95
      $143.90 You save 10% in_stock
      If you're happy and you know it, build a molecule! This molecular modeling set takes students on a chemistry adventure. 17,500 molecules. more

    7. MSRP $59.95
      $53.90 You save 10% in_stock
      Students age 8 and up get a jolt of physics fun with the Electricity & Magnetism Kit from Thames & Kosmos. With colorful snap-together blocks and illustrated assembly diagrams, studying electricity is easy. Discover circuits and magnetic contraptions. more

    8. MSRP $24.95
      $22.40 You save 10% in_stock
      Launch into a study of physics and projectiles with the Catapults & Crossbows Kit! Build and experiment with 10 updated models of the classic medieval weapons. In the process, they'll uncover physics principles of force, energy, motion, and projectiles. more

    9. $79.95 in_stock
      This deluxe kit is designed for kids who like rocks. more

    10. $84.95 in_stock
      Put together this hydrogen fuel cell car experiment kit to see for yourself how clean fuel cell power works. more

    11. MSRP $19.95
      $17.90 You save 10% in_stock
      Build five experimental gliders while learning about the physics of flight. more

    12. $16.95 in_stock
      The Tin Can Robot is a great introduction to robots and mechanics for younger children. more

    13. $13.95 in_stock
      Use the Dynamo Torch to build a hand-powered, emergency flashlight that doesn't need batteries. more

    14. $13.95 in_stock
      Mix up your own delicious chocolates from scratch-and in the process, discover the science behind it. more

    15. $19.95 in_stock
      Kids learn about solar energy while building the T4 Transforming Solar Robot, which turns into a moving and rolling T-Rex, Insecta, and Drill Vehicle. more

    16. $9.50 As low as: $8.55 in_stock
      This hands-on kit provides the materials to build and experiment with a balloon racer and a rubber band racer. more

    17. MSRP $36.95
      $33.20 You save 10% in_stock

      Explore Candy Chemistry with this kitchen science kit from Thames & Kosmos.


    18. $19.95 in_stock
      Turn liquids into solids and make your own goopy slime with this Magic School Bus kit. more

    19. MSRP $64.95
      $58.40 You save 10% in_stock
      With this chemistry set, kids can do 125 hands-on experiments like making four kinds of invisible ink, creating a mini fire extinguisher, generating electricity from a chemical reaction, and separating one color into many. more

    20. eFlex Digital Handheld Microscope, 75x/300x
      $69.95 in_stock
      This fun handheld digital zoom microscope has a 1.9-megapixel camera and 75x-300x magnification! more

    21. $16.95 in_stock
      Embark on a biological adventure with this deluxe "triassic" Triops kit. more

    22. $13.95 in_stock
      With this Make Your Own Gummies Kit from Glee Gum, kids can learn about chemistry and thermal reversibility. more

    23. $19.95 in_stock
      This fun kit lets you explore principles of flight by learning about parachutes, rockets, gliders, helicopters, and planes. more

    24. $42.75 in_stock
      Discover how eight simple machines work as you construct a balance, wheelbarrow, scissors, a block and tackle, and more. more

    25. MSRP $84.95
      $76.40 You save 10% in_stock
      Build 10 different remote-controlled models. more

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    Items 1-25 of 69

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