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Lab Kit for use with Abeka Biology Grade 10

Grades 10-12
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This kit contains chemicals, microscope slides, dissection specimens, and more for completing the labs in the Abeka grade 10 curriculum, Biology: God's Living Creation, 4th edition. Read More

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Contains materials for completing the labs 1-25 in the Abeka Biology: God's Living Creation (Grade 10, 4th edition).

NEW AND IMPROVED APRIL 2022. These kits have been re-designed with the homeschooler in mind. This kit is intended for parent use for homeschool or small student group. Additional materials may need to be purchased for labs with multiple groups of students in a classroom or completing multiples of the same labs. 

NOTE: Some colors of products may vary from the photo shown (such as clay, food coloring, etc) or products may vary with different suppliers, but be rest assured that product substitutions are evaluated as a replacement in-kind and to provide the same learning experience. 

  • A microscope is recommended for the course but is not included in the kit. We recommend our Home LED microscope
  • For Lab 3, we offer the Elodea leaf to purchase separately. This is a live culture and recommend purchasing 1 week before completing the lab
  • For Lab 22, we offer a Protozoa Mixture to purchase separately. This is a live culture and recommend purchasing 1 week before completing the lab

The materials included in this kit are for labs 1-25 only. Materials for completing the projects in the Appendices have not been included and will need to be purchased separately. A substitute material may be suggested for some labs, please refer to the kit order form and the "Curriculum Reference and Comments" section for additional information on materials and designed use. Keep materials after each activity as some are intended to be re-used throughout the year (that includes cups, string, clay, etc). Some labs may be performed sequentially to reduce the number of materials needed to complete the lab. We understand this will extend the lab time; however, this strategy allows us to keep the kit price reasonable. Glassware has been provided so that home or kitchen glassware does not need to be used with chemicals. 

This kit contains materials in order to cover the entire curriculum (one year). As a result they are large, and we suggest that you remove all the items from the box in preparation for the school year and each activity.

WarningWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Formaldehyde (gas), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Methanol, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


More Information


Science Lab Kit for Abeka Biology Curriculum

This kit includes the following items (download the kit order form to order individual or optional items):

  • Magnifier, 5X/10X
  • Flower Press Kit (Wildflowers Golden Guide®, Plant Press, 6" X 9", White Card Stock, Plastic sheets, 8"x11", Plant Mounting Labels)
  • Plastic Graduated Cups
  • Lens Cleaning Paper, 50 pack
  • Lens Cleaner, 60 ml
  • Microscope Slide Set and prepared slides (Letter "e", w.m., Ficus (dicot) leaf slide, c.s.; Allium (onion) root tip slide, l.s.; Tilia (Basswood) slide, c.s.; Zea Mays (Corn) slide, stem, c.s.; Ranunculus (Buttercup) slide, stem, c.s.; Spirogyra (green algae) slide, w.m.; Volvox (green algae) slide, w.m.; Desmids (green algae) slide, w.m.; Diatoms slide, mixed, w.m.; Human bone slide, ground, c.s.; Cartilage, hyaline, sec.; Muscle slide, 3 types, section; Neuron slide, motor, smear; Human blood slide, right's stain, smear; Human squamous epithelium slide, smear; Human skin slide, white, section; Human skin slide, sweat gland, sec.; Trachea slide, section; Rotifers slide, w.m.; Daphnia (crustacean) slide, w.m.; Protozoa mix slide, w.m.
  • Wool Fabric Sample
  • Cotton Fabric Sample
  • Polyester Fabric Sample
  • Colored Pencils
  • Methylene Blue, 1%, 30 ml
  • Iodine (Lugol's) Biological Stain Solution, 30 ml
  • Baby Lima Bean Seeds
  • Pipet, 10 pack
  • Radish Seeds, pack
  • Petri Dishes
  • Protozoa Culture Kit
  • Chemical Splash Safety Goggles, Adult
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Lab Apron
  • Dissection Specimens included: Sheep Brain Specimen; Sheep Heart Specimen; Fetal Pig Specimen, 10"-13", Double Injected; Frog Specimen, Grass, 3" - 4", Single Injected; Perch Specimen, Large 9"-12", Plain; Grasshopper Specimen, Lubber, Large; Crayfish Specimen, 4"-6", Plain; Starfish Specimen, Plain; Earthworm Specimen, 9-12", Plain
  • Advanced Dissecting Tools
  • Dissecting Pan
  • Dissection Pins
  • Reflex Hammer
  • Wax pencil
  • Dextrose (glucose), 30 g
  • Benedict's Solution, 100 ml
  • Large Test Tubes, 16 x 150 mm
  • Test Tube Clamp
  • Test Tube Brush
  • Test Tube Rack
  • Starch, 30 g
  • Gelatin, packet
  • Biuret Reagent, 30 ml
  • Vegetable Oil, 2 oz.
  • 2,6-Dichloroindophenol (Indophenol), 0.5 g
  • Ascorbic Acid, 5 g
  • Superior Balance Digital Pocket Scale, 600 g capacity, 0.1 g precision
  • String, 25'
  • Daphnia Instant Culture Kit
  • Methyl Cellulose, 1.5%, 30 ml
  • Insect Killing Jar
  • Ethyl Acetate, 30 ml


Shipping Restriction: This item only ships Economy or UPS to a street address in the 50 US states.
Warning: HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL - This kit contains hazardous chemicals. Not for children under the age of 15. For use under adult supervision. Read warning labels carefully.
Warning: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Adult supervision required.
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