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Gifts by Age

Fun science gifts for kids of all ages, young and old.

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  • Gifts for Ages 5-7
    Gifts for Ages 5-7

    Shop a collection of educational science gift ideas for kids ages 5-7. These products are age-appropriate and introduce science concepts for early-elementary kids.

  • Gifts for Ages 8-10
    Gifts for Ages 8-10

    Browse science gifts for kids ages 8-10! Enjoy this assortment of fun and educational science gifts, selected to present science in a meaningful way to late-elementary students.

  • Gifts for Ages 11-13
    Gifts for Ages 11-13

    Find popular science gifts for 12 year olds! Shop for kids ages 11-13 with our robots, chemistry sets, backpack kits and more. Foster an interest in science through junior high and middle school.

  • Gifts for Ages 14+
    Gifts for Ages 14+

    Find advanced science gifts for teenagers and adults with a solid grasp of basic safety and scientific principles. These products are best for scientists in high school and beyond.

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Find exactly the right science gift to please anyone on your list, from young to old.

Sometimes shopping for the best science gifts for kids is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We get it! If you don't know a Bunsen from a beaker, it can be overwhelming. Even if you're science-savvy, it's easy to misstep! After all, shopping for kindergartners is different than finding science gifts for high school students.

But don't worry—you'll find age-appropriate gift ideas for kids of all ages here.

Find items by general age group to make it easier to browse through science gift ideas, starting with age 5. View this selection of science Christmas gifts for ages 5-7, 8-10, 11-13, and ages 14 and up.

For ages 5-7, find gifts such as the glow-in-the-dark Mixed by Me Thinking Putty Kit, or the screen-free coding robot named Botley!

Surprise your kids, who are 8 or older, with the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit for some messy kitchen fun, or get them their very own Rock Hound's Backpack Kit so their rock-collecting fun can begin. 

For kids who are 10 and older, try the Cheesemaking Kit that helps them make their own mozzarella and ricotta cheese from home! Or get them a Lortone Deluxe Rock Tumbler Kit that turns drab rocks into beautiful gem-like stones that are polished to a high-luster shine.

Each category includes science gift ideas geared toward that age group. These represent bestselling gifts for kids at different developmental stages. So as long as you know their age, you're safe selecting one of these science gifts!