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Science Unlocked
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Science kits for kids.

Science Kits for Kids

Science kits for kids & adults for learning at home or school.

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  • Dissection Kits
    Dissection Kits

    Dissection is a great tool for learning about anatomy. And it doesn’t have to be gross! These complete kits with low-odor specimens will save you time and money on your dissection labs. We offer individual and classroom-sized kits!

  • Earth and Space Kits
    Earth and Space Kits

    Learn about earth science and astronomy with hands-on experiment kits! Make a model of the solar system, test the hardness of rocks & minerals, investigate weather & more. 

  • Home Science Kits
    Home Science Kits

    Educational and fun science kits designed to use in a home setting! Make your own slime, grow bacteria, study solar power, and more. 

  • Chemistry Kits
    Chemistry Kits

    If you have a kid interested in chemistry, or are studying it yourself, these complete science kits can be a big timesaver! Pick from lab sets with all the glassware for your own chemistry setup – or choose chemistry kits that come with step-by-step guides and all the materials to get started experimenting right away!

  • Anatomy and Physiology Kits
    Anatomy and Physiology Kits

    Medical Science Kits and devices help prepare high school, pre-med, and medical students help for healthcare and applied sciences careers.

  • General Science Kits
    General Science Kits

    Whet their appetites for science with general kits. Use the sun to create an art print, discover polymers, make gum, and more!

  • Forensic Science Kits
    Forensic Science Kits

    Kids become detectives with CSI kits. Find individual or classroom kits, and refill supplies to teach about fingerprinting, ballistics & more. 

  • STEM Kits
    STEM Kits

    Kids can build, tinker, experiment, and explore STEM studies with these top-rated science kits.

  • Technology and Electronics Kits
    Technology and Electronics Kits

    Kids can build, tinker, experiment, and explore STEM studies with these top-rated science kits.

  • Engineering Kits
    Engineering Kits

    How does it work and why? Inquisitive minds, young and old, will find the answers as they build, test, and then improve structures and machines of all types.

  • Kitchen Science Kits
    Kitchen Science Kits

    These kits transform your kitchen into a science lab! Make chocolate & cheese, grow rock candy crystals, perform chemical tests on common foods & more. 

  • Physics Kits
    Physics Kits

    Build a bridge, discover waves with a Slinky, construct a 'scope, and more! Physics is fun with hands-on kits to use at home. 

  • Science Fair Kits & Supplies
    Science Fair Kits & Supplies

    Select a ready-to-go, DIY science fair kit! Each kit comes with the materials you’ll need and step-by-step instructions to complete the experiment.

  • Science Buddies Kits
    Science Buddies Kits

    Science Buddies has teamed up with Home Science Tools to bring you quality science kits that are designed to work with Science Buddies project instructions.

Get everything you need to explore your favorite subject, all in one organized kit. Choose a kit for your age, hobby, discipline, or advanced activity and bring learning to life! There is no better way to engage kids interested in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) than with hands-on experiments.

From the Learning Center

Science kits offer a one-stop box ready for experimenting. Find a few activities and science projects to try with or without a complete kit. Test food for vitamin C, dust for fingerprints, or smash Thinking Putty.

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Science kits for kids make teaching and learning science easy! Get everything you need to explore your favorite science topic in one complete experiment kit.

Shop the best science kits - sorted by age, price, and more! Find excellent, hands-on science experiment kits for elementary, junior high, and high school students. Choose a kit based on your interest: slime kits explore polymer chemistry; Thames & Kosmos kits make great gifts; 4M kits cover many topics and all cost about $20 or less. There are so many neat options to choose from!

Hands-on science is the most rewarding and relevant way to engage kids with the STEM fields. Filled with science supplies, helpful instructions, and more, science kits make it easier than ever to get started with hands-on science.