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    Home / / Liquid Density & Lava Lamps

    By: Lena
    Date: Apr 02, 2016

    Is this a chemical change or a physical change?

    By: cutecupcake05
    Date: Jan 24, 2016

    what are some questions that you guys can ask about a lava lamp have you guys made one

    By: christina
    Date: Jan 21, 2016

    Dear Science Gods!
    I am trying to create a lava lamp or rainbow lamp, BUT without the heat.
    I have seen these kinds of things in homeware shops.
    Shaking the containers, moves the globules of colour around until they reform various
    fascinating shapes.  I have experimented with various liquids: water, vinegar, oil, etc.
    The most frustrating aspect is getting it all to look exquisitely clear.
    I know that one method is to drop warm coloured wax into rubbing alchohol, but I don’t want to use heat.

    I am trying to use the creative process of this wonderful scientific magic, to provide therapy for children suffering from severe anxiety.
    So it must be completely safe!!.
    Can you assist me please?

    By: Janna azalea
    Date: Sep 26, 2015

    Guys if you can’t find alka seltzer use baking soda and vinegar . I swear it works just like alka seltzer

    By: preethi
    Date: Aug 28, 2015

    very nice
    And USEFUL

    By: alaysha smith
    Date: May 19, 2015

    thank you guys very much it was a big use

    By: Samantha Mace
    Date: Apr 08, 2015

    Thank You `for the great information and I watched the video that is on this web site and it is great information on how to make a homemade lava lamp. Thank You for all the information and I’m doing a science fair at Southeast Valley Middle School.
                                                                                                        Samantha Mace

    By: Teyana Bartley
    Date: Apr 07, 2015

    im making a lava lamp for the science fair at bradford academy south field

    By: Maurina
    Date: Jan 10, 2015

    This really help on a science proget and I got a A+ in school I love your websight

    By: Rayne Adams
    Date: Nov 27, 2014

    If a lava lamp cap seal gets broke will it still work?