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    Science Gifts and Toys

    Find just the right gift by age, price, interest, or bestselling favorites.

    Science isn’t a subject; it’s an invitation to explore! Treat kids to new adventures, investigations, and transformations. Discover our hands-on gifts that will ignite curiosity and spark creativity in the kids in your life.

    STEM topics come to life as kids dive into the amazing world of microscopic life; explore the universe with a cool telescope; play with robots and racers; build bridges; solve crimes; concoct chocolate; or fly planes. The entire family will enjoy the quality products and kits that last, just like the memories you’ll create together!

    Use our tool to quickly find the perfect science gift based on age and areas of interest.
    Educational science toys and lab kits introduce kids to basic scientific principles of chemistry, physics, biology and more, so they can learn and play at the same time.
    Find just the right science gift to please anyone on your list, from young to old. We've grouped items by age to make it easier to browse gift ideas, starting with age 4!
    Get a great science gift at about $10 or less.
    These ultimate science gifts represent our recommendations for science enthusiasts and budding scientists.
    Fun and educational science gifts that boys often enjoy, including engineering sets, chemistry kits, biology supplies, and more.
    These educational science gifts often interest girls who enjoy doing experiments and discovering the world around them.

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