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STEM Robotics Kits for Kids & Students

Shop robot kits for kids, plus robot toys, parts & robotic technology products.

What's the best method of teaching robotics? Nothing beats programmable robot kits for kids that they can build with their own hands!

Give an introduction to computer science with complete programmable robot kits for teens. Enhance STEM activities with robotics kits for kids. Choose from beginner to advanced level robotics kits—with or without coding.

For a beginner, work together on simple robot kits. From there, explore coding with a programmable robotic kit for kids at the intermediate & advanced levels. Play with coding using sound sensors, infrared beams, logic circuits, and more.

An advanced robotics toy like the Robotics Workshop or Robotic Arm “Edge” are great gifts for kids and even for teens and adults to experience how robots work. 

Here's what one customer had to say about a robotics gift from our selection:

"My 9 year old received this for his birthday and he LOVED it. Within minutes he had ripped open the box and started building. "
                 —Customer Review (Remote-Control Machines)