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Gifts by Interest

Science gifts for boys, girls & adults sorted by interest.

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  • STEM Toys
    STEM Toys

    Shop STEM toys & gifts that are both educational and enjoyable! 

  • Engineering Toys
    Engineering Toys

    K'Nex creative construction toys and Engino engineering sets let kids build working models while exploring physics and engineering concepts.

  • Chemistry Toys
    Chemistry Toys

    Find fun, hands-on chemistry kits, toys, and games for kids!

  • Nature Toys
    Nature Toys

    Kids will have fun exploring the outdoors with these fun toys and kits!

  • Cool Physics Toys
    Cool Physics Toys

    Fun physics toys, sets, and games for kids. Explore magnetism & electronics, velocity & engineering, light & sound, and more. K'nex, Cubelets, KEVA & more.

  • Thinking Putty
    Thinking Putty

    Thinking Putty provides polymer education fun and demonstrates the properties of non-Newtonian substances. Bounce, smash, stretch, and tear it!

Find fun, hands-on chemistry kits, toys, and games for kids!

From the Learning Center

Give kids science gifts they'll love based on what interests them! Whether it's robots, animals, or chemistry, find gifts sorted by topic. Want more help? Check out our product comparison charts to compare some bestselling products.

Learning meets fun with educational science toys!

Science kits, toys, and games give kids a practical science education. With experiments, projects, and other hands-on opportunities, they learn while they play.

Our selection of science gifts includes toys and kits that teach kids and adults scientific concepts. But don't worry—these gifts disguise learning & lessons as fun & games! Choose science gifts to suit their interests and seize their attention. Pick products that parallel their interests and you've already won half the battle. Then, by putting principles to work, kids remember science concepts and lessons better.

Find gifts that help them explore the basics of physics. Or show them how tasty kitchen science can be. Or encourage them to inspect the industry of insects with ant farms, and more!

Is one of your kiddos a Chemistry lover? Gift them with the Advanced Chemistry Labware Set so their deeper exploration of Chemistry can begin! For your future mechanical engineer, get a Thames and Kosmos Remote Control Machines kit that helps them build 10 different remote-controlled models. For your coder & gamer, get the Thames and Kosmos CodeGamer that has 34 fun projects!

Whatever their specific scientific interest, with science gifts, you know your gift will last. Unlike seasonal trends that come and go, science gifts stand the test of time. After all, kids outgrow toys, but knowledge and memories last a lifetime!