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Ignite the spark of curiosity and nurture your child's lover of learning with our extensive range of STEM toys, games, and kits catered to learners of all ages with a passion for STEM.

Engineering Toys
Engineering Toys

These engineering toys are more than just fun and games. They offer an immersive learning experience perfect for your engineer!

Chemistry Toys
Chemistry Toys

Find the best gifts for the chemistry lover in your life! Discover popular products from crystal growing to candy chemistry.

Nature Toys
Nature Toys

Perfect for kids who love outdoor adventures and exploring the natural world, these nature toys are unique and engaging. Check out best-sellers like our frog growing kit and butterfly garden.

Cool Physics Toys
Cool Physics Toys

Discover the perfect physics toy for your child. This selection of toys ranging from robotics and coding to circuits are fun and educational all at once!

Thinking Putty
Thinking Putty

Stretch your mind with our selection of Thinking Putty! Learn about amazing magnetic properties or watch your putty glow and change color. You can even mix up your own Thinking Putty!

Science Gifts by Interest

Shop popular science gifts by interest.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Science Gifts
    • A Christmas Hit

      “This was the hit of Christmas. The kids (5 and 9) do not get tired of it and the directions are great. Durable. Right away my 9 year old was discovering that if you want to run more things to run them in parallel and not in series. After becoming familiar with it, they are creating there own ideas.”

      — Rhonda S.

    • Excellent Gift

      “I bought this as a gift for a 7-year old boy with an active imagination and a desire to explore the outdoors. I wish I could show how happy he was when he opened this kit! Every piece in the kit is made of good quality. The books are informative and colorful. I would definitely recommend this for kids.”

      — Rawnette M.

    • Learning Made Fun!

      “My almost 8 yr old received this for Christmas. As a lover of all things LEGO he had no difficulty using the directions to build the recommended robots. We highly recommend this product for all kids interesting in building and robots!!”

      — Stephanie

    Discover Science Gifts for All Ages and Interests

    Give kids science gifts they'll truly adore, tailored to their individual interests! Whether it's robots, animals, or chemistry that piques their curiosity, our selection of science gifts is thoughtfully sorted by topic.

    Learning becomes a delightful adventure with these educational science toys!

    Science kits, toys, and games provide children with a hands-on and practical science education. Through engaging experiments, captivating projects, and other interactive opportunities, kids not only play but also learn along the way.

    Our range of science gifts features toys and kits designed to teach scientific concepts to both kids and adults. The best part? These gifts cleverly disguise learning and lessons as pure fun and games. Choose science gifts that align with their unique interests and capture their attention. When their hobbies and educational experiences align, children are more likely to remember and comprehend scientific concepts and lessons.

    Discover gifts that ignite their curiosity and exploration in various scientific domains. Whether it's the basics of physics, the wonders of kitchen science, or the intricate world of insects with ant farms and more, we've got you covered!

    Is one of your young scientists a chemistry enthusiast? Delight them with the Advanced Chemistry Labware Set, opening the door to deeper exploration of the world of chemistry. For the budding mechanical engineer, consider the Thames and Kosmos Remote Control Machines kit, allowing them to construct 10 different remote-controlled models.

    No matter their specific scientific passion, with science gifts, you're not just giving a gift for the moment, but a gift that endures. Unlike seasonal trends that come and go, science gifts withstand the test of time. Kids may outgrow toys, but the knowledge and memories they gain from these gifts last a lifetime

    Do you need help choosing the best gift for your child? Shop our top science gifts by choosing their favorite subject.