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    Nylon rope trick
  • Kym
  • 04/19/2015
  • I learned about this in basic chem class and always wanted to try it. Just make sure the area you use is well ventilated because the chemicals used have a harsh odor. This is an awesome way to introduce the possibilities chemistry can offer.
    Nylon Rope Trick
  • MJ
  • 03/30/2013
  • The Nylon Rope Trick is a great middle school level project you can do with your kids. Fun and easy with the wow-factor necessary to get your kids attention. The experiment is fairly brief (10-15 minutes). Simply follow the directions on how to combine the chemicals. The watch your kids enjoy pulling LOTS of nylon string out of two liquids. My kids were amazed at just how much nylon they were able to pull out.

    reward points

    Nylon Synthesis and Rope Trick Kit

    Ages 12+

    Item# KT-ISNYLON

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    Product Overview
    Nylon synthesis, or the "Nylon Rope Trick," is a classic demonstration of polymer chemistry.

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      Nylon Synthesis and Rope Trick Kit

      Nylon synthesis, or the "Nylon Rope Trick," is a classic demonstration of polymer chemistry. Nylon is a synthetic compound of high molecular weight that consists of up to millions of repeated chemical units that are linked together. This polymer is referred to as Nylon 6-10. You will use this nylon synthesis kit to make nylon 6-10 by mixing two solutions. The nylon polymer can be easily pulled into a thick "ropey" form, thus the name "Nylon Rope Trick."

      Safety gear, specifically gloves, goggles, and apron, are recommended. You provide 10mL graduated cylinder, beaker and glass stirring rod.

      Shipping Note: This item contains regulated chemicals and only ships Economy or UPS to a street address in the 50 US states.

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