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    water rocket launcher
  • Justin Steinmetz
  • 08/26/2013
  • Launches bottles well when you can make the legs stable. Created a stable launch pad out of pvc. My students enjoyed creating their rockets and shooting them off.
    What a blast-literally!
  • Tammy Edwards
  • 10/25/2009
  • This is a must have item for any age, any school, any class, any subject!!! I went to Space Academy and teach a water bottle rocket class every where I go- public schools, Christian schools, birthday parties, neighborhood and family gatherings. It is so easy and fun!! First give the kids 7 $1 bills and tell them that each bill is worth a million dollars and they are working for NASA to design a rocket. They have to buy a soda bottle for $1 million. Then they have to buy colored card stock, also $1 million per sheet, a hot glue gun - $1 million...etc.. They learn to budget and work with others on their team to build the best design for the best price. Teach about fin stability, rocket physics and then let the creating begin. Give prizes for best design, best budget, highest, landed closest to the launch pad, etc... This launcher is easy to use-- hook it to a bicycle pump and it is flawless and 20 oz bottles or 2 liters will s...
    good product when used CORRECTLY!
  • Anonymous
  • 11/09/2007
  • The other reviewer suggested pulling the cord gently. NO, NO, NO! If you do that, the assembly can tip toward you and the bottle can come straight at you. If it's pounded into the ground properly, a swift and sudden jerk on the string is what you want. Then watch it soar!

    reward points

    Bottle Rocket Launcher Kit

    Ages 12+

    Item# MC-ROCKET

    $34.95 in_stock

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    Product Overview
    Study Newton's laws of motion as you build rockets that soar up to 150 feet.

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    • Product Details

      Bottle Rocket Launcher Kit

      Study Newton's laws of motion as you build rockets that soar up to 150 feet! This high-quality launcher uses water and air pressure (from a bicycle air pump, not included) to launch plastic soda pop bottles. Includes instructions with ideas for experiments, such as making an altimeter and testing what happens when water and air pressure amounts are varied. This set does not come with a wooden stand as pictured; metal prongs at the bottom of the launcher are designed to stick it into the ground to secure the launcher. Adult supervision required.

      Want to use this kit for a science fair project? See our experiment ideas below to get you started.

      You provide a soda bottle, air pump, tire pressure gauge, and other household items. We also recommend protective safety goggles.

      Science Fair Project Ideas:

      • Experiment with different levels of air and water pressure to find what makes the rocket go the highest.
      • Try launching the rocket on days with different weather conditions to see how temperature, wind speed, and outside air pressure change how high it goes.
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