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    What People Are Saying

    Great kit!
  • Laurie Beth
  • 04/28/2017
  • Student used it for BJU Biology 10 when studying lung capacity. It worked just as it should and we had fun learning.
    Excellent Hands On Resource
  • Anna
  • 12/01/2014
  • I used these instead of the recommended lab in Elemental Science when we were studying the respiratory system. My children, ranging in age from PreK through 5th grade, really enjoyed comparing their lung volume with each other and seeing how many breaths it took to fill the entire bag. I would purchase this product the next time we go through anatomy.
  • carol
  • 07/11/2014
  • Is there any advantage to using this as opposed to a peak flow meter? [HST adds: The Lung Volume Kit allows you to measure lung capacity by lung volume, which is a broad term that refers to several different respiratory measurements. A peak flow meter measures only the ability to push air out of the lungs, which is why it is used commonly to manage asthma.]

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    Lung Volume Kit

    Ages 10+

    Item# BE-LUNGKIT

    $13.95 in_stock

    In Stock

    Product Overview
    Measure lung capacity with this easy-to-use reusable test kit.

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      Lung Volume Kit

      Measure lung capacity with this easy-to-use reusable test kit. With complete instructions. The lung volume bag is marked in one liter and 1/10 liter graduations.

      Lung capacity depends on a number of factors and varies from person to person, but an average is about 6 liters.

      Science Fair Project Ideas:

      • How much can lung capacity increase with daily exercise? If you exercise every day for about 45 minutes for one week will your lung capacity change?
      • What are some of the determining factors in lung capacity? Gather data by asking your friends and family to use the lung volume bag.

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