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    We've Really Enjoyed These Little Guys
  • Carrie
  • 05/09/2016
  • I ordered the planarians for a regeneration experiment for 7th grade Life Science class. We kept them in their original container with the lid loosened in bottled spring water and fed them boiled egg yolk. They are very hardy. We have had them for three weeks already and have not lost any. We change their water daily and make sure to only rinse and wipe their container. We split our specimens for regeneration about 5 days ago and are watching them regrow. We put the split speicmens in individual petri dishes and in a dark cabinet. Excellent specimens!
    Very Good Specimen Set
  • Gina
  • 04/14/2015
  • My students designed their own taxis experiments for the planarians. They were very hardy and held up to much manipulation. One group of planarians was subjected to magnetic forces, the other to dilute salt solution.
    Fabulous little guys
  • Patricia
  • 03/06/2015
  • I ordered the Planaria for a co-op class of 10. We had plenty of them to pass around for a splitting experiment. We also had enough for everyone to take home their split specimens and a whole planaria for comparison and observation. My goal was to place the planaria together in hopes for a cocoon. BUT! Before we met the following week, we had not only the whole specimen, but the split ones as well, reproduce asexually! Awesome! This was a great specimen set!

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    Planaria (brown) - Live Culture

    Ages 11+

    Item# LD-PLANAR

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    Product Overview
    This is a live culture of planaria, a freshwater flatworm with unique regenerative abilities.
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      Planaria (brown) - Live Culture

      This is a live culture of planaria, a freshwater flatworm with unique regenerative abilities. Comes with care instructions. You'll get at least 30 planaria.

      Live cultures can be difficult to sustain. The culture will come with care instructions, but plan to use it within 1-2 days of arrival for best results. This item cannot be returned.

      Shipping Note: This item ships only to a street address in the contiguous 48 US states with Economy or Ground Service shipping. Specify a delivery date Wednesday through Friday, at least seven days after your order date. An additional $13 shipping charge applies to each delivery date.

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