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Calcium Chloride, granular, 500 g

Ages 12+
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This 500 g bottle of calcium chloride is anhydrous (without water). It is the 4-20 mesh granular form and is useful as a drying agent. Find the calcium chloride formula, density, and more product information below! Read More

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This is a 500 g bottle of anhydrous calcium chloride - meaning these calcium chloride pellets/granules have no water in them. It is the 4-20 mesh granular form, it's useful as a desiccant (a drying agent) and de-icer (ice-melting agent), and it is not food grade (though food-grade versions can be used for cheese making).

Observe calcium chloride's unique light spectrum with our Spectroscope Analysis Kit, and find these calcium chloride granules' chemical formula, density, shelf life, hazard statements, and more below!

Formula  CaCl2 
Formula Weight 110.986 
Molecular Weight 147.02
Melting Point 772°C (1422°F)
Boiling Point Information Unavailable
Form Granular 
Density 2.15 g/cm³ 
CAS # CAS # 10043-52-4 
DOT Classification Non-Regulated 
Storage Code Green 
Shelf Life 12 months 
Alternate Name Ice bite 
Common Uses Drying agent, ice melter, dust control agent, other types used in cheesemaking (though this version is not food grade)


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