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Lodestone Specimen 1 - 1.5"

Ages 4+
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Lodestone is a naturally-occurring magnet. Use this magnetic rock to explore the amazing science of magnetism! Kids may see a normal rock at first, but they'll then watch it lift paper clips & other small metallic objects. Read More

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Use this magnetic rock to explore the amazing world of naturally magnetic materials!

When looking at this individual lodestone specimen, kids may see a normal rock.. but when they put their magnetic rock on a paper clip and slowly pick it up, they'll watch the paper clip lift up with it! Is it magic? One might think so, but it's actually the science of magnetism!

Lodestone is a naturally-occurring magnet. In fact, the very first compasses were made out of lodestone


Note: These naturally magnetic rocks are 1 - 1.5" and are not quite as strong as a manufactured magnet, so don't be surprised if they are unable to pick up larger metallic objects.






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