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    Great science lessons kids enjoy
  • Krystyna
  • 07/22/2015
  • We bought this to use for my middle school son, and it worked out really well. It's easy to cover chapter each week, and end with an experiment that really ties it all together. The pictures were also really helpful, one of the reasons we liked RS4K because a lot of other options didn't have the color photos with them. The teacher's manual is great too, with further details and information to help with the children's lessons, which is especially helpful if it's been a while since you, as a parent, has covered the material. I wish RS4K made more of these science kids! Looking forward to doing their astronomy & geology this year, then moving on to their high school set! Would definitely recommend this for a science & theory (not creation based) science curriculum.
    Good books!
  • Noreen
  • 09/04/2013
  • These are really good books--collectively, they do cover a wide range of topics. However, my only problem is that they are missing some very important concepts such as cell division. The teacher's manual is great and very detailed!
  • Amy
  • 02/09/2013
  • We just purchased the set for my three boys. So far, I love the use of "real" science words to introduce concepts to the boys. The pictures and text are clear and inviting. I felt like I was drowning in our last curriculum. THis is clear and concise and well thought out!

    reward points

    Real Science 4 Kids Focus On Middle School Set

    Grades 5-8

    Item# RS-REALSET

    MSRP $249.00
    $177.95 Save 29% today! in_stock

    In Stock

    Product Overview
    Build a solid science foundation for your children in grades 5-8, so they will be well prepared for upper-level courses.

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      Real Science 4 Kids Focus On Middle School Set

      Build a solid science foundation for your elementary-aged children so they will be well prepared for upper-level courses! Real Science-4-Kids is an engaging curriculum that focuses on fundamental concepts, making it a great choice for families who want just one science course before junior high. This course introduces high school level terminology, but explains it at an introductory level, giving elementary children a familiarity with the concepts that they'll build upon later.

      Note: Real Science For Kids has a new name and a new look! While you'll enjoy the same easy-to-teach and fun-to-learn curriculum as before, now you'll get the new cover displaying the new name: Focus On Middle School, which is intended for grades 5-8.

      Each topic (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics) is covered in an individual 10-chapter softcover book; the three together provide a year of science if you do one chapter per week. Each chapter has an experiment that is designed around the scientific method, encourages investigation, and use mostly household items. The separate teacher's manuals for each topic contain lesson planning tips, background information, and answers to the review questions. This set includes three (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics) teacher's manuals, three student texts, and three lab worksheet packs.

      Chemistry topics covered: matter, molecules, chemical reactions, acids, basis & pH, acid-base neutralization, mixtures, separating mixtures, energy molecules, polymers, biological polymers, DNA, and proteins.

      Biology topics covered: living creatures, cells, photosynthesis, parts of a plant, how a plant grows, protests, the frog life cycle, the butterfly life cycle, ecosystems, and food, air and water cycles.

      Physics topics covered:: what is physics, force, energy and work, potential and kinetic energy, motion, energy of atoms and molecules, electrical energy and charge, moving electric charges and heat, magnets and electromagnets, light and sound, and conservation of energy.

      Be sure to order our special science kit designed especially for this curriculum so you can do the experiments!

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