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Acrylic Prism

Ages 4+
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Particularly perfect for introducing young learners to the refraction of light, this acrylic prism is 75 mm long with 25 mm sides. It provides a safe way for little hands to refract light into miniature rainbows! Read More

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Refract light into miniature rainbows with this acrylic prism!

Perfect for hands-on exploration, this equilateral acrylic prism:

  • is 75 mm long with 25 mm sides;
  • is a safe way for little hands to explore the world of light and optics

How do prisms work?

Prisms provide an engaging and memorable way for kids (and adults!) to learn about and investigate light. Their special shape causes the colors of light to bend when they travel through the prism. Since the different colors of light travel at different speeds, they all bend at a unique angle that allows you to see each color individually (in a rainbow) rather than all mixed up. 

Why choose an acrylic prism to study light?

While a glass prism is often a great choice for light studies and activities, this acrylic prism is particularly perfect for introducing young learners to the refraction of light and the world of optics! It allows your children to easily explore the light around them - without the hazards that come with handling glass.

Check out our Light and Optics article to learn more about prisms and light science!






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