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Distance Learning: Forensic Chemistry of Blood Typing

Ages 12+
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Solve a crime through the classifying of blood based on the presence or absence of specific proteins! This kit is the perfect simulator to help students learn about blood type and inherited characteristics. Read More

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This Distance Learning: Forensic Chemistry of Blood Typing kit is an exciting way for students to learn about blood types and so much more!

Blood typing is a method of classifying blood based on the presence or absence of specific proteins, called antigens, on the surface of red blood cells. Blood type, an inherited characteristic, is valuable to know as it affects medical procedures, such as surgery, transfusions, and paternity testing, as well as serving as evidence in criminal investigations. Determining the blood type of a suspect in a crime can help provide supporting evidence that they are guilty, or eliminate them as a possibility.

In this activity, students will determine the blood type of simulated blood samples collected from a crime scene, as well as from two suspects, to determine the likelihood of the suspects’ involvement in the crime. This kit is similar to Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types Kit but designed specifically for individual or small group use. This kit aligns with NGSS MS-PS1-2!




  • 8 Blood typing trays
  • 4 Simulated blood samples (Victim, Suspect #1, Suspect #2, Crime Scene)
  • 1 Set ABO/Rh blood typing anti-sera
  • Anti-A blood serum
  • Anti-B blood serum
  • Anti-Rh blood serum
  • 1 pack of mixing sticks
  • Instruction Manual and enough materials for 2 groups.


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