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Exploring Electricity, Magnetism & Electromagnetism

Ideal for Grades 4+
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Learn basic physics principles by Exploring Electricity, Magnetism & Electromagnetism. With this Science Buddies kit, kids see physics laws in action and prove them with their own hands. Experiment with circuits, test magnetic field strength & more. Read More

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This new Science Buddies curriculum kit reveals electricity, magnetism and how they combine to create electromagnetism. The included lesson book includes step-by-step instructions and explanations for 14 fun lessons. But these lessons aren't passive. Instead, kids gain hands-on experience Exploring Electricity, Magnetism & Electromagnetism, so concepts stick.

Working through the Exploring Electricity, Magnetism & Electromagnetism curriculum, kids learn like scientists. Some of the science activities they'll enjoy are:

  • making an electrical circuit,
  • setting up a pencil resistor,
  • constructing a homemade compass,
  • creating an electromagnet,
  • building a Gauss rifle, and more!

Kids will also learn the answers to intriguing science questions. Such as: How many magnets does it take to launch a ball bearing, and how far will it fly? What do your old wooden pencils that are too short to hold have to do with electrical circuits? How  does the strength of a magnet change with distance? And how can you turn off a magnet?

The kit comes with many of the items you need to do the activities. Although you supply some household items as well. The included booklet's careers section highlights jobs that use the scientific principles covered in the kit. Linking lessons to the real world helps students see how science is relevant in their own lives.




Exploring Electricity, Magnetism & Electromagnetism

  • 20-page lesson book with 14 lessons
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 1 AA battery holder
  • 1 Mini light bulb
  • 1 mini bulb screw base
  • 5 alligator clip leads
  • Enamel coated magnetic wire, 30-gauge (75 ft)
  • 4 Iron bolts
  • 1 Lantern battery, 6V
  • 4 Neodymium magnets
  • 10 Nickel-plated steel balls
  • 2 Wooden dowels
  • 220 grit sandpaper

You will also need from home:
Ground black pepper, plate, plastic spoon, wool, at least 5 household materials to test #2 pencils, metric ruler, pencil sharpener, hacksaw (adult supervision required), pocket knife (adult supervision required), fine-tip permanent marker, penny, dollar bill, sewing needle, cork, scissors, cup, drinking glass or bowl, pliers, water, wood glue, clear tape, plastic box, sand,metric  tape measure, calculator, table, masking tape, paper clips, one box, and a kitchen scale.


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